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SportsSignup Case Studies

SportsSignup Online Sports Registration

SportsSignup Client Case Studies

We, here at SportsSignup®, have helped thousands of customers make the transition over to online sports management and would like to assist you in your decision-making process.  That's why we have provided some case study examples from existing SportsSignup customers on how we helped them overcome their challenges and how the SportsSignup system makes managing their sports organization better.

Town and Country Optimist Club

Town and Country Optimist Club, Texas (T&C) was frustrated with their current supplier of online services for their online registration program.  They needed a company that could accommodate an organization with large registration volumes– over 8,500 a year. 

  • Industry:  Multi-sport Complex
  • Size:  8,500+ registrations annually
  • Challenge:  Switch from previous provider
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Morris United Soccer Club

Morris United Soccer Club is a 100% volunteer-run organization. The largest challenges they faced revolved around organizing the registration data, communicating with club members efficiently, and “not-so-secure” volunteer background checks.

  • Industry:  Soccer
  • Size:  900+ Registrations per year
  • Challenge:  Time consuming and Inefficient registration process and background check system
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Rough Rider Lacrosse

Rough Rider Lacrosse was apprehensive with their current online registration process and provider.  They had the challenge of keeping track of various age groups while running a club that supports both boys and girls.  Registration, as well as managing teams was taking excessive amounts of time.

  • Industry:  Lacrosse
  • Size:  600+ Registrations per year
  • Challenge:  Inflexible registration system and very time-consuming process
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Burbank Youth Football & Cheer

The Burbank Titans are a not-for-profit organization whose objective is to provide organized Football and Cheerleading for children ranging in age from 5 to 14 years old in the Burbank, IL area.  The Titans had relied heavily on Excel spreadsheets to help keep registrations and rosters organized. It was an administrative nightmare...but it was the only process Burbank knew. 

  • Industry:  Football & Cheer
  • Size:  150 Registrations per year
  • Challenge:  Outdated and unorganized sports administrative process
  •

Visitation BVM CYO

Visitation BVM CYO of Norristown, Pennsylvania (VBVM) had challenges in getting their board members comfortable with automation – change is difficult – and getting parents comfortable with moving to paying by credit card online.  This can be one of the largest hurdles in moving to online registration, so SportsSignup understood and eased their concerns.

  • Industry:  Multi-Sport
  • Size:  1,000+ Registrations per year
  • Challenge:  Hesitant to automate sports registration process
  •

Lehi Youth Football and Cheer

Lehi Youth Football and Cheer was one of the many organizations who were taken advantage of by their previous registration provider and needed to move to a secure, trustworthy company. Lehi was also tired of the archaic way they were trying to sell their team merchandise…out of the garage wasn’t working for them any longer. 

  • Industry:  Football and Cheer
  • Size:  900+ registrations annually
  • Challenge:  Leary of online providers, needed to switch seamlessly and develop an efficient way of selling team merchandise
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Saratoga Synchronized Skating Program

Saratoga Synchronized Skating Program grew four-fold in just a few years, so the program director and a few dedicated parent volunteers became consumed with program tasks. Additionally, per skater costs and expenses associated with the program are extremely high and staying on top of cash flow is top priority.

  • Industry:  Ice Skating organization
  • Size:  150+ registrations annually
  • Challenge:  Transition to easy-to-use online registration system to accommodate growing program and limited resources
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