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Frequently Asked Questions about SportsSignup's Online Registration Solution

General Questions

Q. What is Online Registration?

A. Online Registration is a way to save time, money, and effort for your organization while giving your participants the convenience of signing-up for your program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a major credit card, check, or cash. Because participants are entering their own data using the Internet, your staff does not need to worry about data entry, misspellings, or illegible forms.

Q. Can we use SportsSignup with our existing website?

A. Yes. SportsSignup's online registration can be used with any website – we provide a link to the registration interface. 

Q. What sports can the online registration system be used for?

A. Soccer, baseball, softball, football, cheer, lacrosse, dance, hockey, basketball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, rugby, camps, and virtually any youth sport where fees are collected and a database of players, coaches, and/or volunteers is needed. The online registration process is generally the same for all sports, but there are differences on how rules are applied for age calculation, etc. We have all of this figured out, and our online registration system is very adaptable to your specific needs. 

Q. How fast can we get up and running for online registration with SportsSignup?

A. Within 24 hours your organization can start accepting registrations! SportsSignup’s easyMerchant® service can facilitate credit card processing in as soon as one day. Ask your representative for details.

Q. Do we need to contact SportsSignup every time we want to customize the content in the registration system?

A. No. In fact, you control the majority of how the system behaves and what information is presented to your participants. We provide you with a variety of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn online tools for customizing your registration system.

Q. Does the system display advertisements?

A. No. We believe this interferes and distracts the user experience of completing a registration.

Q. How much does the system cost?

A. Online registration is affordable, and we have three plan options to suit all needs. Be careful of "free" services because they are not free of hassle. They own your member data where SportsSignup never shares private information.

Q. Can we receive a “Trial” prior to making a commitment?

A. Absolutely. Once you sign up and request an FREE 30-Day Trial, you will be set-up to use the system in a Trial mode for 30-Days. This means you can create and edit your sessions, add consent information, setup discounts, generate reports, add participants, enter registrations, etc. There is no charge to operate the system during your 30-Day Trial.

Q. Our organization is adult-only, does the registration system accommodate this?

A. Yes. The SportsSignup user interface changes slightly and will allow for adults to register themselves for a program/session.

Q. Does your system support Team Registration for tournaments?

A. Yes. Teams can register for tournaments using SportsSignup. The coach and contact information is captured along with team rosters, etc. When registering simple check the field marked "Tournament Registration."

Q. Does your system create Tournament Brackets?

A. Yes. If teams exist within your system you can create full tournament brackets, with seeding. Brackets can be set up as Round Robin, Single Elimination or Double Elimination.

Q. Does your system support mobile devices?

A. Yes. Our system can be easily accessed via android, iPhone and all mobile devices with web access. 

Online Player, Coach, & Volunteer Registration

Q. How does a player, coach, or volunteer register online?

A. Online registration is completed through a link from your web site. From the participant’s point of view, they are not leaving your web site; they are simply linking to another page to complete a registration. Users create a secure account with an e-mail and unique password. Forgotten passwords can be automatically e-mailed back.

Q. Does the registrant need to re-enter basic information each time they want to register for a program/session/event?

A. No. One of the major conveniences of the system is that a participant only sets up an account ONE TIME. For future registrations, their basic information (such as name, e-mail, address, emergency contact info) is preserved and they do not have to re-enter. As an added benefit to the participant, a history of previous activity can be reviewed. Additionally, changes to the account information (e.g. change of address or e-mail) is completed by the participant, not your administrator.

Q. What happens if the registrant does not want to, or cannot, register online?

A. Almost everyone today has access to the Internet; however, some people may not want to register online. To accommodate this, administrators can easily register participants in the system.

Q. Can we add custom questions to forms?

A. Yes. The system provides templates for form creation, using different types of fields, including drop-down boxes for things such as volunteer role, shirt size and fundraising gift amount. You do not have to create the forms – just specify what you want to capture and we do the rest.

Q. Can the fields in forms be used to check the quality of data input by a registrant?

A. Yes. Our forms help maintain data quality right from the start by using pre-formatted fields (e.g. birth date = mm/dd/yyyy).

Q. Does functionality exist for administrators to add, delete, edit, or unregister a registrant?

A. Yes. Administrators have the ability to add, edit, and delete information. Registrations can be changed or unregistered, and payment amounts are automatically adjusted.

Q. Can we assess additional fees based on date registered? What about discounts?

A. Yes. A configurable “Discounts & Fees” feature allows you to implement early discounts, late fees, multiple participant discounts and family maximums, or a combination of these scenarios.

Q. Can volunteers also register online?

A. Yes. Rostered ‘helpers’ (coaches, managers, etc.) also register through the system, and can be assigned to teams. ‘Non-rostered volunteers’ (e.g. concession stand, etc.) can be captured using custom questions.

Q. What if the session or event is full? Can a player be placed on a waiting list?

A. Capacity controls can be set by administrators for any program. If a capacity is set, a waitlist can be tracked and maintained. Waiting List functionality is included with the system.

Registration Fee Payments

Q. What forms of payment can the online registration system accept?

A. The SportsSignup system can be set up to accept payments by major credit card (Visa/MasterCard/ American Express), or by “mail-in” check or cash.

Q. How do we process credit card payments?

A. If your organization opts to collect fees electronically, you can use our easyMerchant® option. The application process takes place completely online.

Q. Can credit card refunds be processed electronically?

A. Yes. Any registrations paid by credit card can be refunded (fully or partially) directly back to the credit card.

Q. How are failed credit card online payments handled?

A. Credit cards are processed immediately and the card holder is alerted of a declined transaction with an explanation. The participant is given the opportunity to fix the error and resubmit.

Q. Can the system process registrations with “paper check” payments?

A. Yes. If this option is offered, customized instructions (org. name, mailing address, confirmation number etc.) are displayed after registration, showing the participant where to send their check. Upon receipt, check payments can be easily reconciled in the system.

Q. Can the system process a scholarship player?

A. Yes. Administrators can record discounts for circumstances such as scholarships or hardship cases.

Administrator Functions & Tools

Q. Can administrators track players that are registered but unpaid?

A. Yes. You can elect to allow participants pay by check or cash. When that participant registers, they are put on a receivables list. When checks arrive by mail, or cash is paid, they are ‘received’ through the system, and an e-mail is sent to the participant indicating their payment has been received.

Q. Can the system send out payment reminders?

A. Yes. A ‘payment reminder’ e-mail can be sent to participants on the receivables list that reiterates the payment instructions and amount due. Participants can log into the system and see their invoice and payment status.

Q. Does the system prevent duplicate registrations?

A. Yes. The system does not allow the same person to re-register for the same season and session. However, if desired, it is possible to allow a participant to sign up for two different, overlapping sessions.

Q. Can we add custom registration questions to forms?

A. Yes. The system provides templates for form creation, using different types of fields, including drop-down boxes for options such as volunteer role, shirt size and fundraising gift amount. You do not have to create the forms – just specify what you want to capture and we do the rest.

Q. What type of reports are available to administrator(s)?

A. A set of standard reports are available, for example, tracking finances, managing accounts receivable, and creation of e-mail distribution lists. Custom reports can also be created by administrators based on any field.

Team Management

Q. Can administrators add, delete, define, maintain teams?

A. Yes. Our Team Manager helps you easily create teams based on registration information, participants' age, etc.

Q. Can the system build teams electronically based on registered players?

A. Yes. Registered participants can be slotted directly to teams or they can be put into a pool of unassigned participants based on age and gender. In the latter case, an administrator forms the teams by easily dragging and dropping people into teams.

Q. Can coaches access their rosters?

A. Yes. Coaches have a “view only” access to their roster(s). They can view and print the roster(s), and send e-mail communications to their team.

Team Communications

Q. Can we communicate with teams, coaches, players, volunteers, etc. directly from the system?

A. Yes. SportsSignup features a very robust set of communication tools. With a few clicks of a button, your administrator can contact the entire organization.

Q. What types of team communication tools are available?

A. With SportsSignup you will receive a full suite of communication tools that are available within TeamWALL™. Communication tools include, easyA!ert™ Text Messaging, Email, Team Chat and Team Shout.

Q. Can we create customized e-mail lists?

A. Yes. Having the SportsSignup reporting functionality tied to the e-mailing feature is invaluable. You can e-mail registrants on any report that you run.

Q. Can we publish our teams schedules?

A. Yes. The SportsSignup Automatic Sports Scheduler allows you to input and manage practices, games, meetings, and other events. Published schedules can be viewed online by team members.

Q. How can we distribute time-sensitive messages to participants?

A. SportsSignups easyA!ert™ feature allows administrators and coaches to easily select and send users a quick alert through text messaging and email. When an easyA!ert is sent, it is automatically delivered to all email addresses and any enabled phone numbers on an account. If received by email, there is a link included so users can see that enabling text messaging is an option for receiving important notices via easyAlert.

Q. Can we send an easyA!ert from my mobile device?

A. Yes, simple send a TeamSHOUT. When sending a text message using TeamSHOUT you must enter the short code 698326 into the "contact" area and you must start your text message with the word SHOUT. 

Q. Can registrants socially share that they have registered for one of our programs? 

A. Yes, we offer a 100% customizable social sharing option for all of our organizations

Training & Support

Q. What kind of training program is provided?

A. We offer FREE personalized training for registrars and/or administrators as part of the setup process. We use web-based screen sharing technology for ongoing interactive training and support.

Q. Is online help available?

A. Yes. Our services all have comprehensive online help that describes each function/feature in detail.

Q. What are your customer support hours?

A. Our normal support hours are daily 7:00AM to 7:00pm EST. Our Online Support Center is available 24/7 and includes an extensive knowledge base area. Customers in need of immediate support can contact an experienced support technician toll-free by telephone. All e-mail support issues are responded to within 24 hours. We have offices on both the east and west coast to better assist you.

System Architecture & Security

Q. Does the system store a log file of all online transactions, including participant and administrator activity?

A. Yes. All registrations (since account activation) are recorded in the system, so a full participant/volunteer history can be generated. Additionally, all orders are stored, so a complete order history is available.

Q. Can different levels of administrative access be defined for users with various levels of security?

A. Yes. Your key official(s) need to control data access. Several different access levels are available to be set by a “Full Access” administrator. Thus, administrative accounts can be set up for various people with appropriate access granted.

Q. What is your application and database platform?

A. SportsSignup leverages industry-standard, proven platforms, including Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

Q. Where are your data servers located?

A. Our application and database is hosted by Rackspace. Rackspace has state-of-the art, environmentally controlled facilities that include fully-redundant fiber optic connections, backup generators/UPS, and 24-hour network and server monitoring.

Q. Are your credit card transactions PCI Compliant?

A. Yes. SportsSignup is enrolled in Trustwave's Trusted Commerce program to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) mandated by all the major credit card associations including Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.

Q. Are backups of your system data performed?

A. Yes. Complete data backups of all system data are performed by the system on a daily basis.

Q. What is your level of web security?

A. It is important and expected that the link between the end user’s browser and our web site (web server) is secure, and that the information remains private. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. SSL is an industry standard that uses 128 bit key encryption, and is used by millions of web sites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. Our privacy and security policy is available to all users, click here.

Q. How do I get my FREE 30-Day Trial? 


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