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Getting Started

We make it easy to get your organization up and running for your next registration cycle. The first step in the process is to obtain a 30-Day Trial, where you can set up your programs, sessions, divisions (if applicable), apply any special discounts or fees, and create custom messages and/or questions for your members. There are no charges, obligations, or contracts necessary to obtain a 30-Day Trial.

Three steps to get up and running:


Provide us some basic information about your organization - just a few questions so we can set up your account.
Get Instant Access


You now created your new site, and can configure sessions that your members can register for. The system will be in Trial Mode, so you can play around.


When you are ready, Activate your Trial and begin accepting registrations. 

Why wait and do it yourself? Schedule time to chat with our support team about all the great features of online registration and let us setup the system for you


SportsSignup delivers great value to our customers with tons of features.  Our unique pricing model makes the system accessible for sports organizations of any size. Trials are fully-featured, meaning you get to use all of our Online Sports Management tools. Chargers are only incurred when you "activate" during your trial period. If you don't activate your account then you will not be charged.

  • NO set-up fee
  • NO maintenance fee
  • NO minimum-usage commitment
  • NO distracting advertisements on your registration site

Credit Card Processing

Your registrants can pay by major credit card, or mail-in check.

To accept credit cards as a form of payment, a Merchant Account is required. SportsSignup makes this process simple with our easyMerchant® service – the application process is 100% online, and we offer very competitive rates. 

Our Services are 100% Opt-In

We know you will find SportsSignup to be the best online registration solution available!

Request a 30-Day Trial! We pledge to work hard every day to keep your business. If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, you may cancel at any time without penalty.

About SportsSignup


Easy and affordable online solutions for player registration, tournament or team registration, and coach/volunteer background checks. Easy for you. Easy for all.

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