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Additional  Services.

We continue to seek out and add new services to the SportsSignUp Play platform. Services you need—whether you are a parent, coach or player. From background checks and iScore live scoring apps, to our National Collegiate Scouting Association (athlete recruiting) affiliation and MyGear custom stores, our goal is to consistently build upon our platform, adding next generation tools designed to further simplify and celebrate your sports life.

Background Checks

Together, we have a shared responsibility to ensure safe places for our young people to play the sports we all love. Implementing a comprehensive background screening solution for your coaches, staff, and volunteers, is an important step to making sure all of those who have access to our kids have a history that is aligned with keeping kids safe.

Interested in background checks for your organization?

Give us a call at 1-888-379-1035


Scoring & Statistics with iScore

With our registration tools and the SportsSignUp Play Web Creator you can create a destination to collect team names, division information, coaches contact and roster at the point of registration and it will be pulled directly into your tournament.


Athletic Recruiting

Athletic recruiting is a difficult process but the hard work can pay off – earning an athletic scholarship is a life-changing experience. Athletic recruiting doesn’t work the way many people think, though – coaches from college programs don’t just go to camps and combines to “discover” recruits. A lot of recruiting now happens online.SportsSignUp Play has partnered with NCSA to make it a little easier to take that important first step in the road to a college sports scholarship—
creating a recruiting profile in the NCSA Network.


Managing your league is hard enough, MYGEAR creates an integrated service with SquadLocker that allows any sports league to build team-branded stores to raise money, sell top sports brands that teams love to wear, and create a store website that you can promote to everyone.

  • Choose from over 30,000 items manufactured by the industry’s most respected brands
  • Offer brands that your players and families enjoy wearing
  • Easily upload your logo to your gear. If you don’t have a logo we will design one for you.
  • Never worry about finding a 3rd-party vendor to fulfill orders
  • Orders are shipped directly to the families’ homes