2 New SportsSignup System Updates

SportsSignup’s online sports registration software is what you call “SaaS,” meaning Software-as-a-Service. It’s an approach that has helped thousands of sports organizations transform the way they do business and interact with their members. The team here at SportsSignup is committed to making the league management process even easier for administrators, sports parents, coaches and registrants, which is why we are pleased to announce two system updates for the month of April. Take a look!

UI Change: Making the Registration Process Even Easier!

New buttons have been added to the end user’s (the registrant) Account page. These buttons make the registration process a lot easier for your end users, by letting them know exactly what button they need to click on depending on what they are trying to accomplish. We wanted to make sure that coaches, volunteers, and parents all knew exactly what steps they needed to complete in order to register with your league, be it filing a volunteer background check, registering a team, or applying to coach.

2 New SportsSignup System Updates

Feature Release: Sent Messages

Based on one of the most popular requests from league administrators, we are pleased to announce this new messaging feature for existing customers. Under your “Reports” tab, you will notice a new feature, “Sent Messages”. This feature gives you the following information regarding emails and text messages that are sent from your system.

  • The date and time the email or text was sent.
  • Whether the communication was an easyAlert or an email
  • The subject of the communication
  • Who sent the communication
  • Number of recipients (email)
  • Number of SMS recipients (Text Message)

It’s a great way to keep track of your league communications and make sure you really did send out that cancellation notice! The last thing you want is for an email or text to get saved as a draft mode instead of sent and have a lot of confused sports parents on your hands!

If you have any questions email our support team at support@sportssignup.com or call 1-866-975-8600. You can also visit the SportsSignup Support Center online at http://www.sportssignup.com/about/SupportCenter.aspx