3 Activities to Get the Whole Family Moving

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Obviously we at SportsSignup are a little partial to youth sports when it comes to getting kids up, outside and moving around. The CDC says children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day and we feel like a youth soccer or lacrosse game is a great way to disguise exercise as fun! But there are plenty of other fun activities outside of youth sports that are not only a great way to keep your kids moving, but get the whole family involved! And with the New Year just around the corner why not make a family resolution to get more active in 2013.

Here are 3 fun activities for the whole family:

1. Run a family 5k.

SportsSignup is a proud sponsor of the Troy Turkey Trot and the Freihofer’s Jr. 3k Run, both of which are near our main New York office, but chances are there are plenty of family run/walk 5ks, 3ks or even mile dashes in your own community that are a great opportunity for everyone in your family to get in a little extra exercise. The best part about family 5ks is they usually are walk/runs, meaning even if you aren’t ready to run a fully 5k just yet you can jog and walk at you own pace. Who knows—you might surprise yourself; maybe you AND your child will discover you love running.3 Activities to Get the Whole Family Moving

2. Try a yoga for children class.

If running isn’t really “your thing” why not try something a little less intimidating than a 5k race like a children’s yoga class. A lot of yoga studios offer mommy and me yoga classes for new moms and babies all the way to teen-only yoga. Yoga is a great off-season activity for youth athletes because it helps improve their strength, flexibility and balance—all of which can help them become better athletes all around! Check your local community center to see if they offer beginner yoga classes, scope out the nearby gym or look for a yoga studio in your town!

3. Signup for a local intramural league with multiple age divisions.

Got a lot of sports schedules you are trying to coordinate? Why not make it a little easier on yourself and sign everyone up for the same intramural activity at your local community center, like a kickball league, that has adult and kid age divisions. It’s a great bonding opportunity for your whole family and gives everyone that little extra push to make sure they go each week and stay active. It’s hard to make excuses when everyone else is heading to practice!

Obviously when the weather is nicer it’s a lot easier to stay active because your kids (and you) will want to spend time outdoors. But there are still plenty of good indoor activities to keep you moving in the winter (think indoor basketball, swimming, gymnastics and so forth) and more than a few great outdoor activities like skiing, sledding, or even just having a snowball fight to keep your whole family moving!