3 Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports Organizations


Just like any business, running a youth sports organization takes a lot of money. Uniforms and equipment, travel expenses, upkeep of the fields, paying officials and so forth—it takes a lot of money to make a sports world go round! But sports administrators don’t have to worry about their organization bearing that burden alone. Fundraising events are a great way to earn some extra money for your organization! Here are 3 ideas that might work for your organization.

Create a team sports clothing web store.

Everybody loves schwag! A clothing web store that sells team apparel and spirit wear like sweatshirts, tee-shirts and bags is a great fundraising tool for your sports organization. You can customize the apparel to proudly feature your sports organization’s logo, or even focus on individual teams!  The great thing about selling team apparel and spirit wear is that everyone, not just the players, can get excited about buying and wearing something that supports their team. For instance, you can position your sports apparel as great gifts for grandparents that live too far away but want to support their grandchild’s team!

Partner with local businesses for a “sports night.”

Is there a favorite hot dog, pizza or ice cream place in town that teams just love to hit up after a game? Why not partner with them to support your fundraising efforts? Pick a night and make it your sport’s organizations fundraising night. A set percentage of the profits from that night will go back into your organization. The local restaurant benefits from getting an influx of loyal players and fans that want to support their team, and you get one step closer to achieving your fundraising goals!

Host an event.

Have you ever pledged to donate 10 cents for every mile someone walked for their fundraising efforts? Why not take the same concept and twist it to fit your sports organization! Have your baseball teams hold a mini-homerun derby. Let your soccer and hockey players compete in a shoot-out. You can even extend the idea through the whole season. For instance, parents and fans can pledge 5 cents for every yard their football player earns throughout the season.