3 Tips for Growing Your Youth Sports Program

2012-01-26T17:46:24-05:00Sports Management|

A youth sports program is going to need new players every year in order to keep the organization alive. If your younger leagues start to dip in the amount of registrants, you’ll eventually see that ripple upwards to your older teams. It’s hard to put together a strong travel youth sports team if you don’t have a full program to pull them from. If you’re concerned over the decreasing amount of registrants your youth sports organization is seeing, or you are looking to add more teams to your existing program, here are a few ideas that might help you pull in more kids.

1. Create registration incentives.

There are lots of ways you can create registration incentives for your program. For instance, you could give new players to your program a registration discount. This might encourage new families to give your organization a try or encourage parents to sign up younger siblings of current athletes. You can also use an online registration system to simplfy the registration process and offer an early bird registration discount.

2. Help minimize the cost of playing on a youth sports team.

Belonging to a youth sports team can become very expensive very quickly. Depending on the sport, parents might be forced to buy expensive gear every year as their child grows out of their old equipment. Some parents might be hesitant to sign their kids up because of the expected costs. Help defer the costs of youth sports by holding an equipment sale/swap at the beginning of each season. Parents can bring in old equipment and trade it in for better fitting gear. Players who are no longer part of your organization can donate their old gloves, bats, helmets and so forth, giving younger kids a chance to play.

3. Reach out to other youth programs.

Chances are your sports organization isn’t the only youth group in town. Are there any local churches that would let you pass out flyers to their youth groups, promoting your sports organization? Can you sponsor a field day at the local elementary school to get kids excited about being on a sports team? Can you ask local daycare providers to include your organization in their next company newsletter? You don’t have to go it alone! Plenty of youth organizations recognize the value in youth sports, and many are probably happy to help spread the word about your program.