3 Ways to Increase Your Sports Organization’s Online Registration

2012-01-26T22:06:14-05:00Sports Management|

An online sports registration system can make a sports administrator’s job much easier, but it doesn’t do them much good if parents and athletes aren’t using it to sign up! If you’ve recently implemented an online sports registration system but are having a hard time getting people to use it, here are 3 tips to help make it more popular and spread the word!

1. Allow players to register earlier with online registration

Let’s face it, sometimes registering for the football, basketball, soccer or swim team gets pushed way down the list of priorities for a busy family. Paperwork gets lost, deadlines lapse and suddenly your staff is dealing with a large amount of very frantic walk-ins trying to get their paperwork processed by 5 PM. One way to help increase online registration for your youth sports organization is to allow players to register early provided they register online. They can register from the comfort of their own home and do it when their schedule permits, even if that’s 10 PM. Early registration lets them know their youth athlete’s are guaranteed a sport in your organization and they don’t have to fuss with any more paperwork or deadlines.

2. Let callers know with an updated menu message

Parents are going to call your organizations with questions about this and that form, how much one league costs versus another, how they can get their kid on a certain team and so forth. Take advantage of that and update your call menu to remind parents that they can now register their kids online through a convenient online registration system!

Research indicates that most people need to hear a message 3 times before it really sinks in, so in addition to updating your call menu don’t forget to update flyers, pamphlets, brochures and other materials!

3. Leverage your organization’s website

If you start training parents, players and coaches to use your organization’s website on a more regular basis, it’s easy to link them over to your registration page. Post game schedules, league rankings, contact information, photos and other important information on your website and let everyone know where to find it. The more comfortable people are with navigating and using your site the more comfortable they will be with your online registration system. Make sure you create noticeable links or buttons on your site for parents and athlete’s to find and follow.