4 Benefits of Going Paperless in your Youth League

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4 Benefits of Going Paperless in your Youth League

For all the stress youth sports league administrators endure, many consider themselves truly blessed to be volunteering for the jobs they do. The chance to make a difference with the kids outweighs all the headaches that come with the territory. And for sure, there are headaches, especially with the amount of paperwork involved during the registration, roster formation, and scheduling processes.

However, relief is available for admins overwhelmed with hundreds of registration forms and personal checks. Online league management software can eliminate most of the paper trail that buries youth league directors every year. Here are four benefits of going paperless:

1. Registration is less messy

Registering for a youth league via paper forms has its problems. For starters, these registrations can be lost or misplaced and, ultimately, never arrive in the mailboxes of the administrators. In leagues with hundreds of participants, all those forms must be opened and organized—you can forget about eating at your dining room table for a few weeks. All these registrations must be filed and stored as well. Going paperless with an online league management solution eliminates most, if not all, of this mess. Parents sign up their kids, and you simply open the software to view the registration data and proceed from there.

2. No checks, no hassles

When families mail or drop off their registrations, they often include a check for payment of league fees. This is more convenient than cash, of course, but administrators then become responsible for depositing hundreds of checks, which means multiple, potentially long trips to the bank. The paperless approach brings a credit card option into the registration process. Parents pay online at the same time they sign their kids up, thus eliminating your repeated bank visits, as well as offering a convenient method to tracking registration fees for every family in your youth league.

3. Parents appreciate the convenience

Paperless league management obviously helps league administrators and directors, but it is also a benefit to parents. How often do you receive late registrations simply because busy parents forgot to fill out and mail the entry form? Digital registration reduces the chance of this scenario by allowing families to register whenever it’s convenient for them to get online (and league management software can even send reminders to them). Parents also appreciate credit card payments—they aren’t wondering if or when the checks they wrote (if they remembered to mail the payments in …) will clear.

4. Documents are available online

The concept of a paperless youth league might imply that admins won’t have access to the documents—such as registration forms, background check certificates, schedules, and so on—they must have on hand if the situation arises. With online league management software, this simply isn’t the case; in fact, if anything, youth league directors will enjoy greater access to such files. For example, if an admin at a baseball game must reconfirm that a background check of an umpire is current, he might need to run back to his house to search for the documentation. But with an online solution, he can simply call up the file on his smartphone, thus allowing the ump to yell “Play ball!” right on schedule.

How deep is the paper trail for your youth league?