4 Benefits of Online Sports Registration Systems

2013-04-16T16:40:41-04:00Sports Management|

Sports administrators really are the unsung heroes of youth sports. After all, without them you wouldn’t have a youth sports league! No coaches, no official teams, no maintained fields, no officials, no nothing! And while a good pickup game is always a good idea in our books, most kids really learn how to play (and love) sports from belonging to a youth sports league.

The biggest hassle of being a sports league administrator has got to be paperwork. You’re practically drowning in it at times! So save yourself a lot of time and hassles (and more than a few trees) and consider investing in an online sports registration system. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Reduce registration processing errors.

Let’s be honest, some sports moms and dads have pretty atrocious handwriting. And when you are dealing with paper registration forms your office staff has to decipher that handwriting AND make sure they input it correctly into your system (doubling the chances for a registration error like a misspelled name or email address). With an online sports registration system sports parents enter their own information electronically right into your system! This means your team doesn’t have to worry and decoding handwriting or tracking down one misspelled email out of thousands of registrants.

The really great thing about an online sports registration system is that should your sports parents sign their child up for another season the system will remember their information! They’ll only need to update a few lines as opposed to starting from scratch.

2. Customize your registration forms.

Make sure your sports organization gets the exact information it needs from registrants with customizable registration forms! You can even create different forms for different age groups or sports if need be; forms for early-bird registration, last minute events like a community 5k and so forth. The best part is, since the registration is all online you don’t have to squeeze everything onto one printed registration form. If someone doesn’t complete the form correctly they won’t be able to register, meaning you won’t have to track that sports parent down later because they forgot to put their child’s birthday or shirt size.

3. Credit card registration is collected immediately.

Minimize the amount of cash and checks going in and out of your office and let your online sports registration form collect registration fees from credit cards and deposit them immediately into your league’s bank account. You’ll always know exactly how many funds are available to your league and not have to worry about a check bouncing or losing cash. You’ll also receive statements of all account activity each month so if any unusual money movement happens you’ll know about it sooner rather than later.

4. Email notification keeps the lines of communication open at all times.

An online sports registration system not only emails receipts and registration confirmations, it can also be used by your coaches to email their players with schedules, updates, notices, etc. You no longer have to worry about one parent not being in the loop! The email system also makes it easier for your administration team to keep in touch with all your coaches and send rosters, season schedules, practice booking procedures and so forth. You can send one email to every single registrant in your system or drill down by division, league or even a specific team.