4 Key Benefits of an Online Sports Registration System

2012-02-03T17:26:58-05:00Sports Management|

The registration process is often the most time consuming (and complicated) component of a league coordinator’s job—but it doesn’t have to be! An online sports registration system fully automates sports management tasks including; tracking finances, creating and managing teams, sending e-mails, and much more. Here are 4 key benefits of using an online sports registration system to manage your youth sports organization:

1. Save time.

With an online registration system, families are able to enter their own data directly into your system, cutting out the middleman of the typical sports registration process. This decreases the amount of time your office spends on data entry (from a paper registration form to your electronic system) and minimizes the amount of errors that come from typos, illegible handwriting and so forth.

2. No need for in-person registration days.

An online sports registration system lets parents sign their children up for your youth sports organization on their time schedule and from the comfort of their own home. You no longer need to worry about scheduling enough in-person registration days so everyone has a chance to sign up and parents don’t have to rearrange their schedules to drop off paperwork during a restricted window of time.

3. More accurate data.

On-screen registration forms ensure that registrants fill out the exact data you need (and in the right place!). They can save their registration form and come back later if need be, so you don’t need to worry about trying to process an incomplete form and tracking down the family it belongs to.

4. Customize your registration forms.

An online sports registration system lets you ask for much information as you need without trying to fit everything onto a one-page registration form. The online registration forms are customizable, so you can create unique forms for each sport and division if need be to ensure you get all the information you need for a successful season.

These are just a few of the organization’s office-end benefits of switching to an online sports registration system. An online sports registration system is also beneficial for your coaches (who can use it to email their teams), your Division Coordinators (who can use it to create team rosters and game schedules) and your sports parents.