4 Reasons to Switch to an Online Registration System in 2014


It’s a brand new year which means it’s the perfect time to bring your youth sports league into the 21st century and switch to an online registration system.

Here are 4 reasons you should switch to an online registration system this year:

1. Customize your registration forms.

With an online sports registration program, league administrators can easily create multiple registration forms that are customized for each sport and age division. This makes the signup process a lot more streamlined for your parents (they don’t have to pick their way through a complicated form) and ensures your office is getting all the information you need about each player. For instance, you might only need a player’s t-shirt size for soccer registration forms, but if your organization supplies the football teams with helmets and you need to know how many sizes to order per team.

2. Deposit registration payments directly.

With an electronic paper trail it’s also much easier to keep tabs on your funds. While we hopedescribe the image you can trust everyone within your organization, we have heard tales of treasurers stealing from youth sports leagues so the more visibility you have on your funds the better! With an electronic registration system, online payments are automatically deposited into your league’s account. While you can still accept cash and check payments if you want, funneling the money directly into the right bank account helps keep the majority of your league’s finances save and secure. Having registration payments automatically saves your treasurer some time as well, since they won’t have to manually process as many checks anymore! With an online sport registration solution you’ll receive monthly account activity statements so you know exactly how much money went in and out of your league’s bank account that month.

3. Automatically email registration confirmation email and receipts.

An online sport registration system handles all the tedious communications and paperwork like confirmation email and receipts for you. Sports parents will know their registration and payment went through properly immediately after they submit their form and you don’t have to worry about it! Your system also lets you keep track of whose payment DIDN’T go through so you can contact them as needed.

4. Get rid of the paperwork!

The best part of an online registration system is that is pretty much eliminates paperwork! Registration payments are deposited directly, meaning your treasurer doesn’t have to keep track of thousands of checks season to season AND you can easily keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t without scouring through mounds of paperwork. The system automatically emails registration confirmations, payment receipts and refunds, eliminating another layer of paperwork for your treasurer.

And of course an online system eliminates the majority of your paper-based registration forms, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing/mishandling anything! Online registration forms also help eliminate data entry error (is that an “n” or an “m”) so you know all your registrants’ information is 100% accurate. The really great thing about an online sport registration system is that should your sports parents sign their child up for another season the system will remember their information!