5 Benefits of a Customizable Online Sports Registration System

2012-03-15T16:50:56-04:00Sports Management|

Implementing an online sports registration system can help your youth sports organization save time, money, and effort. A customizable sports software solution gives you the ability to create the system that you need for your leagues, making the registration process even easier.

Here are 5 benefits of a customizable online sports registration system:

Create a waitlist.

Administrators have the ability to set a league capacity, and in the event that your youth sports leagues have more applicants than spots (what’s your secret?!) your online sports registration system can create a waitlist to keep track of those extra players. You’ll be able to easily monitor that waitlist to see which registrants are at the top of the list should a spot open up.

Edit registration information.

Administrators have the ability to add, edit, and delete registration information as needed, and the system is always kept up-to-date so your office will always have access to the latest information. Registrations can be changed as well as unregistered entirely, and payment amounts are automatically adjusted.

Add specific questions to registration forms.5 Benefits of a Customizable Online Sports Registration System

A customizable sports software system provides templates for form creation, using different types of fields, including dropdown boxes for things such as volunteer role, shirt size and fundraising gift amount. Administrators can add or delete field as they see fit to create custom registration forms for each sport.

Setup unique registration discounts and late fees.

A customizable “Discounts & Fees” feature allows league administrators to implement early discounts (a great way to encourage families to sign up early and increase registration rates!), create late fees, multiple participant discounts and so forth.

Organize, edit and delete teams.

To help save you time, an online sports registration can automatically slot registered participants to teams based on age and gender. They can also be put into a pool of unassigned participants (still organized by age and gender) for you manually organize at a later date. In that case, an administrator forms the teams by easily dragging and dropping people onto teams. Once the teams are created, coaches are given “view only” access so they can see who is on their team.

Create email lists.

Create unique email lists (all baseball coaches, all U12 boys soccer teams and so forth) so your league can get the right information to the right families. You can also email the entire league in one shot announcing league events like sports gear swaps and other fundraising activities.

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