5 Outstanding Examples of Youth Sports League Websites

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5 Outstanding Examples of Youth Sports League WebsitesYouth sports league websites once—not that many years ago—were a sight to behold. Organizations that previously relied upon phone trees, word of mouth, the occasional email, and printed materials were suddenly able to deliver information, register players, and update statistics and standings online. Youth sports league websites were a bold innovation that helped league administrators, coaches, and parents alike.

Welcome to 2017. The novelty of youth sports league websites has faded, but their capabilities have increased. Leagues today cannot effectively operate in the current digital age without a good website. Parents expect to find information about their children’s teams on smartphones; coaches manage rosters from computers and tablets. Admins not using league management software find themselves buried in busy work that takes away from other important duties.

Fortunately, youth sports league websites have improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Home-brewed websites that were expensive—and rarely as functional as leagues would have liked—have given way to powerful website creation options available in the best online league management software. The sites borne from this software look great as well. Here are five outstanding examples:

Arlington Southwest Little League


Youth sports leagues come in all shapes and sizes, and the Arlington Southwest Little League, located in suburban Dallas, registers on the larger end of the spectrum—a whopping 1,800 kids playing baseball. For an organization this size, its website must reliably deliver, and Arlington Southwest’s site reflects the needs of a large league. The ASWLL homepage looks sharp, featuring league photos, a league news feed, a banner link to the registration page, and a score ticker that offers live updates in season. The league leverages online scoring capabilities so that results are available to coaches and parents in real time. A detailed FAQ page tells visitors and parents everything they need to know about the organization—a great feature to market the league to potential participants as well as to keep current families informed.

A3 Soccer


A3 Soccer is based in Maryland and, like many youth soccer clubs, offers recreational and travel teams. This dual mission requires a website that is functional for both parents of younger kids playing soccer for the first time and comp families with busy schedules. A3’s site expertly handles the rec and travel sides of the club while providing first-class features such online registration, a homepage Twitter feed, an easy-to-access calendar, and plenty of photos.

Sanilac County Hockey Association


Some sports simply lend themselves to statistics better than others. The Sanilac County Hockey Association in Michigan takes full advantage of live scoring that automatically updates standings, results, and statistics throughout its website. The organization also uses the software’s document page feature to provide important PDF files such as locker room rules and the league handbook.

Carteret Soccer Academy


Carteret Soccer, of New Jersey, offers another great example of a rec/travel soccer league using league management software to build a website that looks professionally designed. Note the quick links on the side of the homepage—they differ from some of the other websites featured in this post. The best solutions offer robust customization options to provide an online experience that works best for a league’s unique requirements.

Blue Chip 225


Leagues aren’t the only youth sports organizations that can benefit from website creation software. Blue Chip 225 is a national boys’ lacrosse recruiting showcase held each summer at UMass-Amherst. The organization uses online league management software to facilitate registration, provide information about and directions to the venue, post pictures, and even sell videography services from the event. The showcase occurs only one weekend every summer, but Blue Chip 225 has created a website that visitors will return to throughout the year.