5 Reasons Sports Administrators Will Love Online Registration

2012-08-21T16:24:31-04:00Sports Management|

Are you still waiting for a good reason to switch from paper-based registration to an online registration system for your sports organization? Well, here are five good reasons!

1. Customize your registration forms.

With an online sports registration program, sports administrators can easily create multiple registration forms for each sport and age division. This makes the signup process a lot more streamlined for your parents and ensures your office is getting all the information you need about each player! For instance, you might only need a player’s t-shirt size for soccer registration forms, but if your organization supplies football teams with helmets and you need to know how many sizes to order that’s a critical piece of information that needs to be included on the football registration form. Custom registration forms ensure you get all the information you need and make it easy to keep track of!

2. Create more flexible registration periods and pricing options to help increase registrations.

No more registration days to organize! With an online registration system, sports parents can register online on their own time frame, which means you don’t have to worry about organizing and running multiple registration days before the season starts so everyone has a chance to drop off their paperwork. With an online registration system in place, you can easily create unique pricing options (like early-bird discounts or multi-athlete discounts) and let the system handle the processing!5 Reasons Sports Administrators Will Love Online Registration

3. Easily run volunteer/coach background checks on anyone interested in working for your organization.

Preventing sexual abuse in your youth sports organization should be a primary goal of any sports administrator. And preventing abuse starts with knowing who is working with the kids. Coach and volunteer background checks may not be fool-proof, but they do a good job of making you aware of any red flags that should keep potential abusers out of your organization. Volunteers can submit their information online through your registration system, making it easy to make sure everyone passes a background check.

4. Get rid of the paperwork!

The best part of an online registration system is that is pretty much eliminates paperwork! Registration payments are deposited directly, meaning your treasurer doesn’t have to keep track of thousands of checks season to season AND you can easily keep track of who has paid and who hasn’t without scouring through mounds of paperwork. The system automatically emails registration confirmations, payment receipts and refunds, eliminating another layer of paperwork for your treasurer.

And of course an online system eliminates the majority of your paper-based registration forms, meaning you won’t have to worry about losing/mishandling anything! Online registration forms also help eliminate data entry error (is that a “n” or an “m”) so you know all your registrants information is 100% accurate.

5. Secure and reliable.

Online registration software systems back up your organization’s data and stored offsite so you never have to worry about the system crashing and losing all your registrants’ information. A player’s registration data is actually saved from year to year, making it even easier for them to sign up next season! Meanwhile, all your database information is password protected and you, as the administrator, controls who has access to what.