6 Best Youth Basketball Blogs for Coaches

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6 Best Youth Basketball Blogs for Coaches

Plenty of online resources are available for basketball coaches.These websites, including some blogs, dig into hardcore court strategy and are often geared toward high school and college coaches. Unfortunately, when looking for blogs that target rec coaches for younger players, the pickings are slimmer. In today’s competitive hoops environment that often drives players into AAU and high school play, rec youth basketball doesn’t quite get as much online attention as other sports (say, for example, soccer or baseball).

The challenge, of course, is finding advice for younger players—the ones who might end up not playing in high school but still deserve to learn the game, have fun, and be coached well. Teamwork, improvement, and perspective are just as important for 8-year-old rec players as they are for blue-chip recruits. Here are six youth basketball blogs we like that can appeal to rec coaches and parents of younger players:

 1. HowtoCoachYouthBasketball.com blog

This site is the blog of Flames Basketball, which is based out of the Kansas City area and sells coaching training videos. (Note: Any blogs here attached to a business are not endorsed by SIPlay; we’re including them for quality of the information offered on their websites.) What makes HowtoCoachYoutBasketball.com’s blog stand out is how much it is geared toward younger players. Posts such as “Basketball Positions—Are They Important at the Youth Level?” examine youth basketball from a realistic, fundamentals perspective. There aren’t many posts online, but the content is worth reading.

 2. Hoop Thoughts

This blog is written by Bob Starkey, an assistant coach for Texas A&M’s women’s basketball team. Though some of the content is higher-level strategy, some is geared toward general coaching philosophy and preparation. If you love coaching and want to see how others approach the craft, this blog is an entertaining read.

 3. Youth Basketball Coaching Association blog

Besides producing some original content, this blog, produced by the Youth Basketball Coaching Association, reposts articles from other sites, including some from other sports that also can apply to basketball (such as this post: “Parenting from the Stands”). The content is a mix of coaching and sports parenting topics along with drills and strategies.

 4. Pro Skills Basketball blog

Pro Skills Basketball is a youth basketball organization that operates in five states. Although its blog does talk about recruiting and higher-level hoops, the content also discusses youth basketball and the sports culture that sometimes can seem a bit overwhelming. The blog has been publishing for about a year and generally posts a few updates a month.

 5. Coaching Basketball—My Dream

John Carrier, who head coaches a sophomore basketball team in Minnesota, has written this blog since 2008. His approximately 250 posts offer thoughts on coaching philosophies as well as game and practice strategies. Although his content is geared toward more for coaches of older kids, he loves the game, and his words can easily apply to any youth basketball coach interested in what others are thinking.

 6. Layups & Rebounds

Former NBA and University of Utah star Keith Van Horn writes this blog, and it’s definitely not what you might expect from someone who played at the highest level of basketball. Van Horn’s content delves into issues of sports parenting and the risk of pushing youth basketball players too hard, too fast. The posts are a dose of reality from someone who is passionate about youth sports and maintaining the proper perspective with young athletes. Unfortunately, Van Horn doesn’t post often, but the existing content should be required reading for any coach or parent of youth basketball (or any other sport, for that matter) players.


What youth basketball blogs do you like reading?