6 Reasons Why Your Sports League Should Take Registration Online

2013-01-11T16:06:47-05:00Sports Management|

The whole world is moving online it seems and we feel that youth sports organizations should keep up with the times! While we’ll always prefer to see kids playing on an actual football field instead of sitting in their basement with the latest Madden game, there is no reasons that the sports leagues and organizations themselves can move into the digital world with an online sports registration system. Here are six reasons why:

1. More accurate data and fewer processing errors.

Let’s be honest, some sports parents have terrible handwriting! This means your in-office team has to hope they are spelling names, addresses and other critical information correctly. And even if the information on the registration form is correct, what happens if someone enters it into your system incorrectly? With an online registration system parents fill out the registration form electronically (meaning no chicken scratch handwriting!) and your system is automatically updated so everyone has access to the most recent information. No more copy-pasting registration information for your team!6 Reasons Why Your Sports League Should Take Registration Online

2. Deposit registration payments directly.

While we hope your sports organization is filled with great employees you can trust implicitly, there are people out there that might take advantage of their position within your organization. With an online registration system all the payments are handled electronically and immediately deposited into your league’s account. While you can still accept cash and check payments if you want, funneling the money directly into the right bank account helps keep the majority of your league’s finances save and secure. Having registration payments automatically saves your treasurer some time as well, since they won’t have to manually process as many checks anymore!

3. Save paper and time.

By our estimates, SportsSignup has helped save more than 500 tons of paper since 2003. Make your sports organization green and take the registration process online! In addition to cutting out tons of paperwork, an online registration system can also save your sports league immense amounts of time. No more processing registration forms by hand, setting up registration days (and dealing with angry sports parents that come too late), organizing and storing thousands of registration form, tracking down missing payments or misspelled registration information and so forth.

4. Create custom registration forms for every sport.

Get exactly the kind of information you need from your registrants with custom registration forms! After all, you don’t really need to know helmet size in soccer or basketball, right? Custom registration forms also make it a lot easier for your sports parents because they don’t have to worry about filling out or missing any important boxes. You can create custom forms for each sport and even each age group if you wanted to get really specific!

5. Receive monthly account activity statements.

Keep your league’s finances transparent! With an online sport registration solution you’ll receive monthly account activity statements so you know exactly how much money went in and out of your league’s bank account that month. This helps league administrators keep a better eye on their organization’s finances and notice any unusual transactions immediately.

6. Automatically email registration confirmation email and receipts.

Your own sport registration system handles all the tedious paperwork like confirmation email and receipts for you! Sports parents will know their registration and payment went through properly and you don’t have to worry about it! Your system also lets you keep track of whose payment DIDN’T go through so you can contact them as needed.