A Dog is One SportsSignup Developer’s Best Friend


For all the cat lovers out there, this story might just convince you to open your hearts to include pets of the canine variety!

SportsSignup developer Russell Clarvoe got a rude awakening the Tuesday morning before Christmas when Otis, the family’s 120-pound, St. Bernard/Labrador mix, bounded into the master bedroom in the early morning. Since Otis isn’t usually allowed in their bedroom, Russell knew something was wrong the minute he woke up.

A few seconds later they recognized the smell of natural gas and could hear a throbbing, whistling noise coming from the direction of a regulator station, just over 1,000 feet away. The Clarvoe family called 911 and was advised to evacuate their home.

A Dog is One SportsSignup Developer’s Best Friend

“When he jumps up on your bed you notice it,” says Russell. “It was nice to have Otis wake us up rather than have the state trooper do it.”

Later, New York State Electric & Gas spokesman Jim Salmon confirmed there was an incident at the regulator station, but explained it did not fall into the “gas leak” category because the gas that escaped was actually a sign that safeguards were in working order. The smell and whistling sounds indicate that the system is working as it was designed to.

Regardless of whether it was a full-fledged gas leak or not, SportsSignup is glad that Russell and his family are safe and well. And many thanks to Otis for keeping his family safe! Good dog!

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