Are You Ready for Youth Baseball Season?

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It’s officially March, and even though sports organizations in some parts of the country might still be digging their diamonds out from under mountains of snow, youth baseball season is just around the corner! Is your youth baseball player excited and ready to get back on the field? Here are a few pre-season tips to get your youth athlete ready for baseball season:

Visit a batting cage.

If your baseball player didn’t partake in any winter baseball camps or clinics, it’s probably been a while since they picked up a bat. Those muscles need to get reintroduced to the proper swing motions, and chances are they’ll be a little rusty at first. Spend an afternoon at the batting cages and help them get back into the swing of things (pun intended)! If you can help them fine tune their swing now they’ll be able to start the season off on the right foot.  

Check out all your gear.Are You Ready for Youth Baseball Season?

First day of practice is too late to realize that your baseball player’s cleats are too small, their glove is wearing thin or they are too tall for last season’s bat. Dig out their gear and equipment now and give yourself time to replace anything if need be. You also want to buy new gear early on so your player can break it in before the season picks up.

Get your throwing arm loosened up.

Even if there is still snow outside, have your baseball player warm up their throwing arm and get reacquainted with the motions by playing catch a few minutes every. You could even use a tennis ball if you had to stay inside (preferably the garage!), just so they get used to the right movements again. You could also have them practice throwing against an outside wall to work on form and placement.

Get moving.

If your youth athlete isn’t involved in a winter sport, chances are they haven’t been doing too much training or conditioning these past few months. Start going for a short jog every day and do light strength training and stretching exercises in the next few weeks to get your athlete back on track to peak performance shape and condition. Even just a little extra work now means they’ll be ready to go on day one.

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