Building Community Partnerships to Increase Registration

2012-05-17T15:48:45-04:00Sports Management|

Getting new registrants for your sports organization each year can be difficult, but you don’t have to go it alone! There are plenty of opportunities for community partnerships that you can use to get more kids interested in sports and signing up for your leagues. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Host field days at elementary schools.

Young kids love any excuse to get up, get outside and run around playing their favorite games. Why not host a field day at the local elementary schools? It’s a great way to connect with both kids (your future players) and their parents (the ones who actually fill out the registration form). You can organize mini-scrimmages, contests and races and so forth; anything that gets kids excited about sports.

2. Have registration days at local libraries, community pools and parks.Building Community Partnerships to Help Your Sports Organization Succeed

Even with an online sports registration system, you want to give parents as many opportunities as possible to register their kids for your sports organization. Most parents don’t want to drive out of their way to register their child (or they put it off, forget, lose the paper, etc) so take the registration process to them! Local libraries, community pools and parks are all great places to connect with families and get them interested in your sports organization. Having the registration day come to them makes the whole process a lot easier for hectic parents.

3. Connect with other youth groups and organizations in your community.

What other youth organizations are there in your community? Youth church groups, community theatre, youth choirs and bands—all are great opportunities for your sports organization to connect with potential athletes. A partnership with these organizations means you might be allowed to hand out flyers, get mentioned in their newsletter or at the next meeting, be listed on their website and more.

4. Create pre-season training sessions with local high schools.

Believe it or not, the high schools in your community have a vested interest in the long term success of your sports organization (even if they don’t realize it yet.) The youth athletes in sports organization are the ones who ultimately become the star football, baseball or basketball starts on their high school team. Kids in your sports organization are learning the fundamentals of the sport that carry them through their athletic career. Reach out to the high schools in your community and see if they would be willing to have pre-season “training sessions” for your players where younger players get to learn from the high school teams. This is a great way to get people interested and increase registration numbers.