Bulk Ordering just got better!!

2012-01-31T19:33:01-05:00Fundraising, SportsSignup Updates|

SportsSignup hopes every MySportsStore uses the Bulk Order feature to have merchandise on hand to sell at games/special events, for sizing purposes at practices or just as extras for exchanges.  So, we have made two major changes that, we believe, will make bulk ordering a great option for every store:

  • No more SportsSignup transaction fees for Bulk Orders!  Removing the SportsSignup transaction fee means you keep a bigger portion of the revenue for your organization…what could be better?
  • Overnight Shipping option – We have had several requests to add the ability to ship bulk orders overnight.  Now you will be able to choose the standard free UPS Ground Shipping (available merchandise delivered in 5-7 business days) or UPS Overnight Shipping for $39.99 (available merchandise ordered before 12p.m. CST will be delivered the next business day).

To place a bulk order, the Merchandise Administrator will go to Tools | Order Merchandise.  Here are some things to understand before you place your order:

  • Only administrators designated as “Contact for MySportsStore” (on Admin Users page) can place a bulk order.
  • A credit card is not required – the wholesale price of items will be billed to the organization on standard semi-monthly billing cycle.
  • Sales tax is not assessed on bulk orders – the organization is responsible for charging sales tax, if applicable, when the item is sold. Some states allow tax-free sales for single events—check with your tax professional to advise.
  • Check availability- be sure to check with your Eastbay Sales Associate prior to placing your bulk order to ensure you do not order in excess of what is currently on-shelf. Items in excess of bulk order will be back-ordered and will experience shipping delays.
  • Minimum order size for bulk order is $150. No shipping charges will be incurred.

More information about MySportsStore – Powered by Eastbayfeatures can be found in our Support Center. To learn more aboutOnline Sports Registration and MySportsStore, visitwww.sportssignup.com