SportsSignup Interviews Youth Fitness Expert Rick Howard M.Ed, CSCS, *D, USAW

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Rick Howard is actively involved in the National Strength and Conditioning Association, where he serves on the Youth Special Interest Group as a founding member and Immediate Past-Chair, as well as the Vice-Chair of the NSCA State Provincial Director Committee where he is the Mid-Atlantic Region Coordinator overseeing strength and conditioning clinics in seven states. Howard also is very actively involved with the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, where he serves as Co-chair of the position statement on National Youth Sports and Physical Activity Framework, Immediate Past-Chair of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education Sport Steering Committee and the Immediate Past-Chair of the Let’s Move in School Advisory Committee. […]

SportsSignup Interviews Super Bowl Champion Roman Oben

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We at SportsSignup love connecting with sports moms, dads, coaches, athletes and organizations on Facebook and Twitter. We hit the trifecta with former NFL player and Super Bowl champion (with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Roman Oben; athlete, sports dad and founder of the Oben Flag Football program. Roman has experienced sports from every possible angle and has some great advice for athletes and sports parents alike. […]

SportsSignup Interviews Michelle Peterson, National Expert on Child Abuse

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SportsSignup is committed to keeping youth athletes safe from abuse of any kind. That is why we offer KidSafePlus® coach and volunteer background checks to all our customers. While we never want to think a predator could come into our community the truth is you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting our kids. That’s why we’re honored to bring you the expert advice of Michelle Peterson M.Ed., of Michelle Peterson Consulting. Michelle is a national expert on child abuse and currently works with youth sport organizations on creating child abuse prevention policy and procedures. She can be reached at  […]

SportsSignup Interviews Sports Mom Janis B. Meredith

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Recently SportsSignup had the chance to interview Janis B. Meredith, the sports mom behind the widely read and respected sportsparenting blog JBMThinks. She’s been a sports mom for 20 years, and a coach’s wife for 28, and sees life from both sides of the bench. We hope all the sports moms and dads out there take something away from her advice. […]