How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather Football

2018-01-15T17:29:42-05:00Health & Safety, youth sports|

Fall football is wonderful. The crisp weather, the fans bundled up, the hot chocolate, the changing leaves on the trees surrounding the field (if your game is at a park)—something about it all feels incredibly seasonal, even for youth football players. October arrives and temperatures start dropping a little … just as the enthusiasm for the game is heating up even more. […]

Making a Case for the Multi-Sport Athlete

2015-01-27T16:35:22-05:00Health & Safety|

There are a lot of debates in youth sports; the value of participation awards, the success of co-ed teams, the effectiveness of the mercy rule and more. But the last decade or so has led to a new debate in youth sports: early specialization versus multi-sports. Should a young player commit to one sport year round or is it better to try a different sport each season? […]

Winter Sports Safety Checklist

2014-12-02T21:13:21-05:00Health & Safety|

If your son or daughter is a winter athlete than you know firsthand how different it is to play sports in the winter compared to the summer. Being a winter athlete means dealing with a whole different set of circumstances so you need to follow a different set of rules to stay safe! […]

3 Ways Parents Can Protect Their Youth Athletes

2014-11-13T19:45:43-05:00Health & Safety, Protecting Your Kids|

There is always a risk of injury when you’re playing youth sports. And unless you’re just going to cover your kid in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives, there is always the chance that something could go wrong and they’ll get hurt. But parents can and do make a difference when it comes to keeping their kids safe and preventing most injuries. All it requires is a little extra attention.   […]

Is Your Youth Athlete Playing In Pain?

2014-11-04T15:33:58-05:00Health & Safety|

A 2014 study from from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine found that “Estimates of the proportion of all sports injuries that are due to overuse range from 45.9% to 54%.” This means that nearly 1/2 of all sports injuries are due to overuse! If you think it’s odd that a 10 year old could ever possibly overuse their throwing arm, the study hypothesized that these overuse injuries are due to the increasing pressure for young athletes to begin specializing at an earlier and earlier age. Many parents and coaches believe that early specialization is the key to putting a child on the path to an athletic scholarship, an Olympic team or the world of professional sports. […]