How to Make the Most Out of Your League Scheduling Software

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Major League Baseball must schedule 162-game seasons for 30 teams each year. The NHL has 30 teams that play 80 games; the NBA also has 30 teams for 82 games. But that’s nothing compared to a youth rec soccer league that might have 10 or more divisions (boys, girls, and coed), more than 10 teams in each division, and play an 8- to 12-game season. The directors of these organizations often chuckle when they hear how pro leagues, with dedicated scheduling departments, need months to create perfect slates. These admins wish they had the resources to build schedules that the pros do … […]

What A Sports League Website Can Do for Your Team

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Online league management software offers tools for organizations to streamline their processes, thus reducing time and increasing administrative efficiency. The best solutions include the ability to create an Internet presence for the league and, more impressively, individual teams. This would seem to be an incredible benefit for coaches, yet many are reluctant to take advantage of the feature. […]

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Your Sports Scheduling System

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For directors of youth sports leagues, especially organizations with hundreds of players and multiple divisions, scheduling can be a headache, to say the least. Trying to organize dozens of games on dozens of dates, at various fields and courts, and then assigning officials to each contest is a complex logic puzzle that would scare off Stephen Hawking. Add rainouts and other games that must be rescheduled, and you understand why scheduling is the least favorite task for most league admins.Compounding this struggle is the fact that parents and coaches often take issue with the slate your sports scheduling program has created. Yes, scheduling is generally thankless, but it’s ultimately necessary, and once it’s complete, you can look forward to Opening Day and a great season. Here are some ways to solve the biggest problems with your sports scheduling system: […]

4 Ways You Can Save Time With An Automated League Schedule Maker Tool

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Americans average 2.5 hours of leisure time on the average workday. If that doesn’t seem like much, it isn’t, though in theory, you should get more free time on the weekends. For a youth sports league director, free time can quickly evaporate even on Saturdays and Sundays—and not just because many leagues have games on Saturdays. The administrative duties required to run a league takes hours upon hours, which volunteer directors are usually happy to spend but also wish weren’t so long. […]

5 Ways a Web League Manager Tool Keeps Your Team Informed

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If you coach a youth sports team, join us in some basic email math. Likely, you will send an introductory email, then an email announcing your first practice, then another announcing your first game. Throughout a hypothetical 12-game season, you send a reminder before each game. Then there’s the emails announcing practice and game cancellations, the end-of-season party, and a thank you for all your parents’ support. Add it up, and that’s about 20 emails a season—and that’s not even considering if you are the chatty kind of coach who sends weekly updates. […]