The Importance of Hydration for Athletes

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Maintaining proper hydration is not only important for your health, but it has a major impact on performance. Simply stated - a well-hydrated athlete will perform better in the final minutes of a game or over the course of an entire practice. Knowledge about hydration and electrolyte balance has come a long way since the days of halftime orange slices. Through science and measurement we know exactly how much fluid needs to be replenished during strenuous exercise, but keeping kids hydrated can still be a challenge. Here are five tips to make sure your team is hydrated and stays hydrated during the season. Hydrate before you recreate We all know the importance of taking water breaks during practices and games, but there’s no way of knowing how hydrated a kid is when he/she arrives. By starting each practice or a game with a water break you’re making sure that each child has a base level of fluids in their [...]

Pre-Game Nutrition Tips for Youth Athletes

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Any sports parent knows that the right food can make or break their player’s performance! A hungry athlete is an energy-less athlete and it’s impossible for them to play their best if their body doesn’t have the fuel it needs in order to perform! But just because you fed your child on the way to the game (we’ve all done the drive-thru run) that doesn’t mean they are actually in tip-top shape. Being full isn’t the same thing as being 100% ready to play! […]

Why Confidence is So Important in Youth Sports

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A lot of things go into making someone a great athlete. They need at least a little natural talent, be willing to learn and put in the hard work that pushes them to the next level, know how to take a loss on the cheek and keep on trucking, stay focused and committed even when they are tired and lots more. Plenty of parents and coaches look for the “secret” to turning a kid into an athletic superstar, and while there is no one “right way” to help a child become a solid youth athlete (and maybe beyond) it’s fair to say that confidence plays a big part in the overall process! If a child doesn’t believe in themselves no amount of outside work will matter! […]

Why Mental Strength Matters for Youth Athletes

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In order to be successful in the long run, youth athletes need to be both physically AND mentally strong. Obviously being a top athlete means being in top physical condition (which varies based on the sport), but being strong mentally is essential to a long and prosperous athletic career. […]