Taking the Headache Out of Youth Sports: Why Online Sports Registration Is So Popular

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Most youth sports league directors, administrators, coaches, officials, and volunteers love being involved with their respective organizations and working with kids. Furthermore, a fair amount of parents are happy that their children are playing sports and fully support their kids’ leagues. Yet, youth sports can be plenty of work for all parties—and cause plenty of headaches, especially when dealing with registration. Paper forms, roster requests, personal checks, forgetful parents, lost registrations: Are you running for the Excedrin just thinking about it all? […]

How to Make Youth Basketball Registration Extremely Easy This Season

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A standard youth basketball measures in at a circumference of 27.5 inches. The rim is 10 feet off the floor and 15 feet away from the free-throw line, but for younger kids in certain leagues, the rims are lowered to 8 feet and the line moved in to 12.5 feet. And what about the frustration that youth basketball registration can cause league directors and administrators? That, generally, is unmeasurable. […]

What’s the ROI of Paperless Registration?

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  The most incredible story of return on investment (ROI) in the history of sports isn’t a lopsided trade or some rookie who put up MVP numbers on a minimal salary. No, the honor goes to the owners of the Spirits of St. Louis, an American Basketball Association franchise from the 1970s. When the NBA absorbed four teams from the flailing ABA, the Spirits were left behind. To avoid being sued, the NBA agreed to give the St. Louis owners one-seventh of the TV revenue share of the four departing teams in perpetuity. The NBA, of course, took off, earning the lucky Spirits owners hundreds of millions of dollars over the decades … […]

4 Simple Ways to Use Online Sports Registration Software

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You know the registration math involved with your league: Double-digit divisions, possibly up to a dozen teams (or more) in each division, maybe a dozen or so players on each team, hundreds of player registrations, thousands of dollars in entry fees. Often, the one answer reliable answer produced from these advanced permutations: stressed-out directors, registrars, and treasurers. The registration process is an unavoidable reality of youth sports leagues, and if it isn’t efficient, can burn you out before the season even starts. […]

4 Ways to Instantly Improve Baseball Registration for Your League

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Many directors and administrators of youth baseball leagues love the roles they have been given. These individuals are often volunteers and work hard—usually hours on top of their day jobs—to provide a great environment for players, families, and coaches. They are happy to deal with poor field conditions, crazy scheduling requirements, equipment issues, cranky parents, and the organizational quagmire that registration and roster formation can be. For these admins, all the frustrations are worth it. However, all those frustrations can sometimes lead to burnout, no matter how dedicated the volunteer is. Registration can be especially vexing—hundreds of paper forms, hours of opening and sorting envelopes, and more hours of data entry into a spreadsheet can wear out even the most patient admin. Fortunately, careful planning combined with online league management software can improve baseball registration for your league. Here are four ways how: […]