A Baseball Scoring App Can Turn Your Team Digital

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For more than a century, statistics have defined baseball—perhaps more than any other sport. Numbers such as Ted Williams’s .406 batting average in 1941, Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak (also 1941), Roger Maris’s 61 homers (we’ll let you decide if 73 is the better mark of a slugger …) and Cy Young’s 511 career wins are ingrained in the collective baseball consciousness. Easily recognizable benchmarks such as a .300 batting average, 100 RBIs, a sub-3.00 ERA, or a 20-win season emerged decades ago and still mean something today. However, over the last 30 years or so, baseball statistics jumped into another universe. The Internet of course led to this revolution, but other digital advancements helped as well—stats that might have required a supercomputer to figure out in 1980 can now be achieved on a tablet. These numbers can be charted and viewed for all levels of the game, from the [...]

4 Ways Live Scoring can Benefit Your Team

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Sports fans are so spoiled today. There was a time when if you wanted to find out the score of a game, you would have to wait until the game was over and turn on the TV to find out the final. And before cable, you needed to wait for the local news for the score or wait until the next morning’s newspaper. Today, all you need to do is consult a smartphone or tablet to get live updates of a game in progress, and you can even download apps that will send you notifications after every inning or quarter or check Twitter to get updates and commentary.We are now used to this level of information with the pro and college (and, increasingly, high school) sports we follow. Naturally, youth rec sports coaches and parents are looking at live scoring as an option to help their teams. Though this may [...]

Can Using a Stat Tracker App Help Your Youth Team?

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Many baseball purists lament that scorekeeping is becoming a lost art. You may see this even at youth baseball games: Parents are hesitant to keep the scorebook, and when they do, the notations they use are hard to decipher or too simplified (e.g., “O” for out). Tracking stats may not be absolutely necessary for rec sports, but it can be a big help in the long run, both for coaches and players. The kids like seeing their statistics—and many do mentally keep track themselves, no matter how much parents emphasize that the numbers aren’t important—and coaches get a detailed view of what their teams are excelling at and struggling with. So what’s the issue? […]

How Using a Stat Tracker Keeps Your Team Happy

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Many sports fans are admitted stat geeks. We love the numbers that flash across TV screens on all aspects player performance. We check the Internet to get even more of a stats fix. We cite batting averages of Hall-of-Famers from decades ago. And, ultimately, we can’t help but keep stats—even just mentally—of our kids on their youth sports teams.Compiling statistics for a youth rec team must be done cautiously. The goal is to celebrate achievement and not to point out shortcomings, and not to emphasize that one player is doing better or worse than another. With that in mind, a stat tracker can be a wonderful tool for coaches, players, fans, and administrators. Furthermore, today’s mobile apps make keeping score a cinch. Here are some ways in which using a stat tracker keeps your team happy: […]