Keeping Your Costs Down When Traveling for Youth Sports


Popular youth sports blogger StatsDad estimates that in 2011 he spent $11,704 on youth sports! You may not feel like $150 is all that much to sign your child up for a basketball season, but when you add in a basketball tournament that costs $1,600 suddenly it’s a very different game. Most parents don’t realize how much it really costs because it’s spread out over multiple things, but when you add traveling costs on top of equipment, lessons, special coaches, and more it’s no surprise that youth sports can cost a family thousands of dollars a season. […]

4 Tips to Avoid Junk Food When Traveling for Sports

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Traveling for an away tournament can be a huge team bonding experience and tons of fun for any youth sports team. But as much fun as it can be for the players we as parents and coaches know that planning, organizing, and coordinating an away tournament means keeping track of a thousand and one details, including ensuring that your team is getting the right nutrition to play their best. […]

4 Tips for Traveling with a Hungry Youth Sports Team

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Traveling for sports can be a ton of fun for a youth sports team. It’s a chance to play completely new teams and go up against great competition; spend time and bond with their teammates, have a fun weekend away from home and more. But for the coaches and parents organizing the trip, traveling with a youth sports teams involves a lot of logistics. Even something as simple as eating dinner can get pretty complicated. […]

Keeping Cool During Summer Sports

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July is well under way and record highs (or close to it) have been seen across the country. The high heat can be dangerous for everyone, but especially for a youth athlete that is cooking under the noon day sun in full catcher’s gear. Many baseball and soccer fields barely offer enough shade for the spectators, which means the players get no break from the sun and heat. Dehydration among youth athletes is a serious concern, and more serious heat related illnesses like heat stroke are also cause for worry. So to help keep your youth athlete cool and healthy during the summer months here are a few tips: […]