Who Is Managing Your League’s Money?

2014-12-30T16:04:41-05:00Sports Management, Volunteer Management|

Just the other week we came across this story where the former president of a youth football program in Massachusetts was charged with four felonies for allegedly embezzling funds from the organization over the past year. “…the investigation showed that Davis allegedly used the program’s debit card 75 times for charges totaling $2,256 for his own benefit, for things like gas, meals and personal auto insurance. Davis also allegedly wrote 13 checks, made out to “Cash,” totaling $1,728.” And while nearly $5,000 is no small amount, it’s pales in comparison to the New Jersey Pop Warner football volunteer who was sentenced to 27 months in prison and has to make $560,000 in restitution after his wire fraud conviction. Or the man who co-founded a suburban St. Paul, Minnesota youth sports league and was charged with five counts of felony theft for taking $113,000 from the organization. […]

Celebrating the Good Things Sports Parents Do

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Like most of the news, stories about youth sports often focus on the dark-side of things—stories of parents getting into fight at games, coaches verbally, physically or sexually abusing their players, league administrators caught robbing their organizations, and more. While we realize we don’t live in a perfect world and we shouldn’t look the other way when we hear about these stories (especially when it comes to abuse), we at SportsSignup feel it’s even more important to celebrate all the good that comes out of youth sports programs! And that doesn’t just mean celebrating the achievement of the players as they grow as athletes, it also means celebrating the good things that sports parents do for their teams. […]

Does Your State Mandate Volunteer Background Checks?

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The federally sponsored Child Safety Pilot Program looked at data from fingerprint-based background checks of nearly 68,000 volunteers and found that  that the vast majority (94%) of volunteers had no criminal history. For the most part, those who volunteer to work with youth sports leagues are parents and community members; our friends and neighbors that we know and trust. However, the study also looked at the remaining 6% and found that: […]

2 New SportsSignup System Updates

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SportsSignup’s online sports registration software is what you call “SaaS,” meaning Software-as-a-Service. It’s an approach that has helped thousands of sports organizations transform the way they do business and interact with their members. The team here at SportsSignup is committed to making the league management process even easier for administrators, sports parents, coaches and registrants, which is why we are pleased to announce two system updates for the month of April. Take a look! […]