How to Scale a Youth Sports League

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Every youth sports league wants to thrive. The opportunity to grow—to provide more kids with the chance to play, learn, and develop—is a goal for many organizations as well. Some successful leagues find themselves bursting at the seams, and no league wants to turn away kids who, at best, might find another league, or at worst, end up not playing the sport (or any sport) at all. These organizations are ready to scale, but saying you are ready to expand and then actually expanding are two different things. […]

Youth Sports League Trends for 2017

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Something happened in the sports world that many fans of a certain team hope becomes a trend: After 108 years, the Chicago Cubs won another World Series. Of course, for the incredibly patient 110-year-old Cubs fan, this was a continuing trend. For every other fan, it was something new, and something they hope will see again in 2017 and beyond. Youth sports leagues are experiencing their own trends and changes, maybe not as momentous as the Cubs finally winning a world championship, but nonetheless significant to the directors, coaches, parents, and kids that are affected. Here are some of those trends that will be making an impact in 2017: […]

Taking the Headache Out of Youth Sports: Why Online Sports Registration Is So Popular

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Most youth sports league directors, administrators, coaches, officials, and volunteers love being involved with their respective organizations and working with kids. Furthermore, a fair amount of parents are happy that their children are playing sports and fully support their kids’ leagues. Yet, youth sports can be plenty of work for all parties—and cause plenty of headaches, especially when dealing with registration. Paper forms, roster requests, personal checks, forgetful parents, lost registrations: Are you running for the Excedrin just thinking about it all? […]

Youth Sports League Management: How to Prevent Your Players From Getting Burnt Out

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Getting kids active is a constant and worthwhile effort, and rightly so: A third of children in the United States are considered overweight. Team sports are an incredible avenue for this activity. Youth sports leagues allow kids to learn the value of teamwork, work toward a goal, and have fun—all while exercising. Getting some children to play and engage is a challenge, for sure, but another challenge exists that is just as important: preventing kids from getting burned out on their sports. […]