What Should Your Youth League Website Include

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Some younger coaches and administrators might not remember a time when sports leagues operated entirely without the Internet. Schedules were photocopied and distributed to players and their families. Scores were called in; the results were tallied in a spreadsheet or, maybe, a spiral-bound notebook. Stats might have been kept by individual teams, and if an ambitious volunteer could be found, all those numbers would be gathered to compute league leaders (which, again, would be typed up and photocopied for distribution). League news was spread by word of mouth. […]

4 Strategies to Help Build the Perfect Youth League Website

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No youth sports league would deny the importance of a website to promote and manage its organization. In fact, most leagues do have some sort of online presence that allows them to post news, share pictures, and distribute schedules. However the directors, coaches, and parents of many of these leagues are far from satisfied with what their websites offer. […]