Changes to Custom Questions

2012-03-31T15:10:11-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

Feature Update #5

Custom Question Reworking 
Custom Questions are now associated with Sessions, rather than Programs. This gives you new flexibility to add or remove Custom Questions to a session, without having to alter all the prior sessions.

When you duplicate a session using the Duplicate Session button, the custom questions are duplicated as well. If you create a new session via the New Session button, it will not have any custom questions.

Reporting with custom questions had an issue in the prior system: a report could only include the custom question for a single program, even if 2 programs had the same custom question.

The reporting is now more versatile: the report stores the Report Label field of the custom question, and any session that has a custom question with that Report Label field will show up in that column. Thus, for example, if all your JerseySize custom questions have the same ReportLabel, then JerseySize will show up in a report regardless of what session / program you view.

When you customize a report, you will see all custom questions as fields available to add to the report – not just ones relevant to the current session. Why? To give you more control when creating reports as to the full set of fields available to report on.

Rules for what constitues a ‘good’ password have changed to help improve the security of the system. Passwords now need to be a minimum of 6 characters, with at least one number.