Changes to Discounts & Adjustments

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Discounts / Fees / Payments / Credits

We have greatly improved how the system handles adjustments (discounts and fees) and payment / credit processing. In the prior system, when a registration was edited and the session or division was changed to one of a different price, the system did not account for that difference. Likewise, if a surcharge customfield was changed to a different value, the price difference was not accounted for. Now they are.

What does this mean?

If you move a registrant from a division that cost $100 to a division that costs $120, the account will now owe $20. If the reverse happens, you will owe them $20. People that owe you money show up on the Receivables report (as always), and people you owe money to show up on the Payables report (this is new, and replaces the Credits to Issue report).

What if I don’t want to charge them more or refund them money?

You can adjust what is owed via adjustments: You can record a Discount or a Fee for an account. On the Edit Order page, there is an Adjustments button to record a Discount or a Fee. You can do this anytime (to record a scholarship) or to zero out a balance.


When you unregister someone that has already paid, it will now show that you owe them the registration amount. If you don’t want to refund the money because some deadline was passed, or you only want to issue a partial refund, you need to create an adjustment (fee) of the registration amount (penalty amount).

Why did Credits To Issue report go away?

In the previous system, you had to explicitly say you wanted a credit to be issued (you only had that option when unregistering someone). Now, the system automatically determines when people are owed money, and that list of people is now the Payables report.

When you are ready to issue credits (write the checks) to people you owe money to, go to the Payables report, click on an item to get to the Order Detail page, then click the Issue Credit button at the bottom.


As part of the conversion, the system generated some adjustments that you may see in various orders, where unregistrations were made and credits not issued and surcharge values changed. These adjustments were made to make the orders balance out.