Communication Tools Your Sports Organization Must Use!

2013-05-30T17:15:07-04:00Coaching, Parenting, Sports Management|
Have you ever complained that there was “too much communication” from your coach? Our guess is probably not.  It is usually the opposite problem, where parents feel like they are not getting enough information about practices, schedule changes, and other important team events.  You might not be aware, but SportsSignup offers exceptional team communication tools (text messaging, team chat, schedule sharing) to get the message out.

Check out the useful communication tools below that SportsSignup has to offer.  If your sports organization is a SportsSignup customer, be sure to remind them of these great features and they are at no additional charge!

Coaches and sports administrators can send urgent messages direct to team members and parents mobile phone.  Get that message out fast!

  • Email

Keep registrants and families informed with broadcast emails. No more digging for email addresses in multiple places.  All teams, groups or sessions can be emailed at the click of a button. Send a custom email to everybody, or just certain teams, parents, coaches or volunteers. Easily customize recipient list to fit your communication needs.

Team Chat is a real-time sports organization message board, where anyone on the team can post or comment on other posts. Some examples? A sports parent making a carpool request, a coach telling the team they had an awesome game, or a sports administrator/manager asking for help to deal with equipment prior to the game. The uses are endless and completely secure and private to the team!

Coaches and sports administrators can publish game schedules and other “calendar related” events to share with teams and parents easily and efficiently.

Eliminate much of the hassle of publishing team or tournament schedules and managing/communicating changes, which will ultimately improve the overall communication experience between coaches and team members/team families.

Social Sharing is here! Participants can now help spread the word about the sports organization and share their online registration on the world’s most popular social networks with their friends – this will not only get people to register early, it can boost participation numbers. Status sharing is also 100% customizable to sports organization.