Configurable Discounting & Fees

2012-03-31T15:02:40-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

Feature Update #3


It is with great excitement that we announce the rollout of configurable order discounting. We solicited you back in March for your specific needs, and got some great feedback. We have implemented a flexible solution that handles most of the variations we heard.

We have implemented a way for the order calculator to add discounts or fees based on criteria you set up. Below are descriptions of the types available.

Multi-Player Discounts

You can specify discounts for multiple children / registrations on an order. You can specify the discount amount for the additional registrants, and which programs this discount applies to.

Maximum Order Amount

If your organization has a ‘cap’ of some amount, where regardless of how many registrations, people don’t pay more than some amount, you can set a Maximum Order Amount.

Late Fees (and Early Discounts)

You can set rules such that after some date, an additional fee is applied to registrations (or the order). Thus you can implement a late fee. Likewise, you can set up a rule to give a discount if people register before a certain date. Multiple rules can be combined to add, say, a late fee as of July 1, and then an additional fee as of Aug 1.

Club / Annual Fee

If your organization charges families a ‘one time yearly fee’, often called a ‘club fee’, the system can take care of that now. You specify the fee amount, and whether to use Calendar year or School year, and the system will add a charge to the first order registered in that time period.

Managing Discounting / Fee Rules

Check it out today! In Manage Account > Organization Information, there is a new menu item, Discounts & Fees. You can add, edit, and delete rules.