Count Me In (CMI) Data Importer Now Available

2012-02-03T16:48:44-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

For customers transitioning to SportsSignup from Count Me In Corp. (due to their recent bankruptcy proceedings), data can be easily migrated to our platform. The good news is that much of your registration data can be preserved, saving time for administrators and your member families. Here’s what we can currently load into the SportsSignup system (from their Rainier platform):

  • User accounts with family members, addresses, phone numbers, and emails
  • User log in with their email address and password (the password is set to their Count Me In (CMI) ‘Username’, but if they don’t know that, they can always have the system send them their password)
  • Previous Registrations
  • Divisions, Teams, and Rosters are created

Please ask your SportsSignup Account Executive for more information about data migration from Count Me In.

SportsSignup is not affilaited in any way with Count Me In Corp.