Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association and SportsSignup® Renew Service Agreement

2014-06-13T16:34:46-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

SportsSignup is proud to announce a three-year service agreement extension with Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA), one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the United States.

SportsSignup will continue to provide roster management, online registration and risk management services to ENYYSA and its member leagues and soccer clubs. ENYYSA was among SportsSignup’s first customers, a list that now totals in the thousands throughout North America.

“We’re very pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with ENYYSA, and by the trust and confidence the leaders of the organization have in our team,” said Anthony Bruno, CEO of SportsSignup. “ENYYSA is a large and technologically savvy organization, and I’m proud that SportsSignup has the capacity, expertise and security to meet ENYYSA’s online management needs.”

SportsSignup’s system allows players to register online through a web-based interface that is independently owned and operated by each local soccer club. Club administrators then can submit rosters electronically from the system directly to ENYYSA leagues for approvals, giving state-level administrators tools to ensure compliance with both ENYYSA’s and US Youth Soccer rules regarding, for example, player transfers, dual registrations, photo pass printing, roster sizes and birth date verification.

SportsSignup has provided these services to ENYYSA since 2004, the year after the company was founded. A recent acquisition by SportsSignup will enable it to expand its scope of services to include website content management with integrated team websites, automated scheduling, standings, player statistics, tournament management including playoff bracketing, and iPhone and Android mobile apps.

The risk management feature requires all coaches and volunteers to complete and pass a secure background check application, powered by SportsSignup’s KidSafePlus® software.

“SportsSignup’s online management tools and their customer service are second to none, and knowing that registration, background checks and other essential tasks are handled professionally, securely and comprehensively enables our coaches, parents and volunteers to focus more on developing players on the field and enjoying the youth soccer experience,” said Richie Christiano, president of ENYYSA. “With over 120,000 players, 12 member leagues, and hundreds of individual clubs, it is essential that we work with a partner who understands our needs and is immediately responsive to any challenge. Anthony and his team provide a superb product and exceptional service, and it has been a pleasure to see our two organizations grow together.”

In addition to roster management and risk management services, SportsSignup’s online registration system also is used to manage ENYYSA’s Olympic Development and US Youth Soccer Eastern New York State Championships, ENYYSA Challenge Cup, President’s League, TOPSoccer program, and camp registration.