easyMerchant Now Available to Accept Visa/Mastercard Payments

2012-01-27T18:22:30-05:00SportsSignup Updates|

At SportsSignup, we believe you should have a choice on how you process credit card payments from your participants and/or Web Store customers. Most sports online registration vendors will only provide a single option to process credit cards. With SportsSignup, we now have 3 convienient options, including easyMerchantSM.


What is easyMerchant?
easyMerchant allows your organization to accept major credit cards from your registrants and/or web store customers without acquiring a third-party Merchant Account.


Why choose easyMerchant?

  • Easy and Instant activation – easyMerchant is the perfect solution for sports organizations that don’t have the time or the inclination to go through the Merchant Account application process. 
  • Easy bank statement reconciliation – The integrated SportsSignup statement gives you all of the activity on your account, making reconciling your bank statements a breeze.
  • Temporary credit card processing – easyMerchant can be used as an interim solution if your organization has applied for a third-party Merchant Account and is waiting for approval.
  • No application hassle – easyMerchant can be activated by simply acknowledging basic terms of use and providing deposit details. In-depth documentation about your organization is not necessary.
  • Easier and safer than checks – Once a credit card is validated and the transaction is processed, the funds are guaranteed…no need to worry about checks that bounce.


Follow the easy steps below to learn more about credit card processing options or to activate easyMerchant on your SportsSignup account:

  1. Login to your SportsSignup Account as administrator.
  2. From the Home page, go to Setup | Organization Settings | Payment Settings. On this page you will see the options available to your organization, select Option 1 to activateeasyMerchant.