Finding New Volunteers for Your Youth Sports League

2012-01-26T22:11:56-05:00Sports Management, Volunteer Management|

Youth sports just wouldn’t work without volunteers. Not only do volunteers serve as the coaches and officials for your teams, they are also the ones holding fundraisers, organizing league events like awards night, finding sponsors and more! A large majority of your volunteer pool is going to come from the parents of your young athletes, but parents aren’t the only volunteers you have to rely on to keep your league alive!

Here are a few places you could look for volunteers:

Nearby colleges

Division 1 athletes may not have the time to coach a Little League softball team, but local community colleges and four year universities are sure to have plenty of students that would like to get involved. Think about all the programs were possible volunteers might be hanging out: sports physiology, physical therapy, physical education, early child development, social work…the list could go on and on. Colleges also have a lot of intramural sports team for their students, a great place to look for volunteers with the love and knowledge of the sport but who have more time than a full-time athlete.

If you don’t have a nearby college to look for volunteers, why not check out the local high school? Off-season high school athlete’s might be interested in getting invovled with their siblings’ teams.

Former players

How many hundreds (thousands) of young athletes have come through your programs? Many of them might have younger brothers or sisters who have just started playing, or maybe even children of their own. These former players probably have some fond memories of their time spent with you league and might be interested in ensuring that the next round of athletes have as much fun as they did.

Retired coaches

A coach is always a coach, even if they don’t have a team. Are there any retired coaches in your community that you could get involved again with your league? Someone like former a high school or college coach or retired gym teacher would make a great volunteer for your youth sports league.