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At SportsSignup, we care a lot about making your organization run more efficiently. We go beyond the “typical” features offered by other online registration vendors by integrating KidSafePlus coach and volunteer background checking. Being parents ourselves, we also understand the importance of having good, qualified coaches in front of our children, and having good background checks is only one step in the process.

We believe educating coaches is the key to the health and long-term success of your organization. This is why SportsSignup has partnered with (read press release) to deliver the best and most affordable online coaching education, training and certification available today.

It’s not how a coach teaches a child how to dribble a ball, follow through after a shot or defend against a fast break that you receive calls from upset parents.  It’s the things coaches do and say to kids and parents that put your program in jeopardy!

Coaches Largely Unaware of Impact of Communications with Kids

Research shows that children remember with 80% accuracy what was said to them by coaches.  On the other hand, the study by Coach Effectiveness Training from the University of Washington states that coaches remember with only 20% accuracy what they have said to children.  The report concludes that “coaches are blissfully unaware of the affects of what they say to children.”

Would this kind of behavior by coaches make for a good program? 
We think not.

About The CoachingMinute’s education does not start and stop with your “mandatory” coaches meeting that only 60-70% of your coaches show up for.  The key to the program is the CoachingMinute.


The CoachingMinute is a weekly audio email that provides useful information about some aspect of coaching children.  It is the CoachingMinute that we want to make available to your entire organization free of charge between now and July 1, 2008!  This is a great opportunity to sample the paradigm shifting coaching education we provide.

Here are some samples of the CoachingMinute for your review:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Get It For Free – Here’s How

As a SportsSignup customer, all you have to do is send  an e-mail to stating your interest in this great offer – and we will let you know how to get started. You will need to provide us with a list of all the coaches and/or parents (in a CSV, or comma delimited file) so we can send the CoachingMinute to them on your behalf. Of course, anyone can opt-out from receiving the e-mails at any time.