Get Your League Reporting in Order with Sports Software

2012-02-03T17:27:50-05:00Sports Management|

Part of being a sports league coordinator means dealing with paperwork…and a lot of it; filing registration forms, creating team rosters and tournament schedules, processing payments, organizing volunteer schedules and much, much more! One of the most frustrating components of dealing with league reports (besides the sheer volume of paperwork to manage) is making sure all of your staff, coaches, parents and volunteers have the information they need. It’s easy for people to accidentally get left off an email, flyers to not get sent out, or reports to get buried under other work. Stop the madness and make your life as league coordinator a little easier with a sports software program.

Sports software providers, like SportsSignup, offer users a centralized database to organize any and all information. When a family or individual registers, their data is immediately reflected in a report for your authorized administrators. You can authorize various groups to run different reports so coaches, league coordinators and others have instant access to information they need whenever they need it. Think of it as cloud computing for sports teams!

A centralized database means that the information you have on your players is always accurate. The moment something is updated, either by a parent, coach or someone in your office, everyone with access to the database will have the most up-to-date information on hand. This is incredibly useful for keeping contact information up-to-date to make sure people don’t slip through the cracks when a coach is trying to contact their team or you need to message the entire league.

So what kind of reports can a sports software solution generate for you? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Who’s registered – and for what
  • Which payments haven’t been received
  • How much the league has collected
  • Who’s volunteered to help out
  • The various grade/age/ gender breakdowns

Many sports software programs offer a set of standard reports, focusing on important back-office work like tracking finances, managing accounts receivable, and creation of e-mail distribution lists. Custom reports can also be created by league administrators to reflect other tasks you need help managing.

The best part about using a sports software to manage your sports league? Many providers offer complete data backups of all system data on a daily basis and backup copies of the database can be created weekly and stored off-site. This means you never have to worry about losing an important report, whether it is because of human or computer error!