How Can Online Registration Help Manage Your Sports Organization’s Cash Flow?

2012-09-18T15:50:20-04:00Sports Management|

Obviously one of the biggest benefits of using an online registration solution for your sports organization is that it eliminates practically 100% of the paperwork your league used to handle. Not only is that less mess, headaches and hassle for your team, it’s better for the environment too! In fact, SportsSignup has helped conserve 500 tons of paper since our company started back in 2003. But minimizing paperwork (and by default minimizing processing time and the possibility for human error) isn’t the only benefit of switching to an online sports registration platform. Online sports registration and management solutions also help manage your sport’s organization cash flow! Here’s how:

1. Credit card registration is collected immediately.

For your league’s families that would prefer to pay by credit card as opposed to check or cash (it’s just so convenient to pay with a credit card online!), an online registration system can easily process their payments and credit card registration revenue is collected immediately! Funds are electronically deposited into your league’s bank account daily so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of payments for an extended time. And since credit card payments are deposited electronically you don’t have to worry about a renegade employee siphoning off your league’s funds like this soccer club.

Any registrations paid by credit card can also be refunded (fully or partially) directly back to the credit card.

2. Track payment status.

Just because you offer credit card payments as an option, some parents might still prefer to pay via check or cash. An online registration solution helps track the payment status of each registrant so you know which families have paid and which families you are still waiting on for registration fees. This makes is much easier for your team to keep track of every payment, preventing registrations from slipping through the cracks. The system also allows you to email parents that have registered but not yet paid, making it easier to keep the wheels turning.

Upon receipt, check payments can be easily reconciled in the system.How Can Online Registration Help Manage Your Sports Organization’s Cash Flow?

3. Automatically emails receipts.

When a parent registers and pays online, the registration system automatically sends an email confirmation for the registration and payment receipt. This way parents know their child was properly registered and is going to be part of your league and that their payment was received. No more confused phone calls from parents wanting to know if their child is on a team or not!

4. Receive statements of all account activity each month.

Depending on how large your league is, you might have dozens of teams in several age groups spread out across multiple sports each season. That’s a lot of money to keep track of! To help track and organize your organization’s cash slow, the online registration system send out monthly activity statements so you can get a clear picture of what is going on with the registration payments.