How to Make Youth Basketball Registration Extremely Easy This Season

How to Make Youth Basketball Registration Extremely Easy This Season

A standard youth basketball measures in at a circumference of 27.5 inches. The rim is 10 feet off the floor and 15 feet away from the free-throw line, but for younger kids in certain leagues, the rims are lowered to 8 feet and the line moved in to 12.5 feet. And what about the frustration that youth basketball registration can cause league directors and administrators? That, generally, is unmeasurable.Sure, you can add up the hours it takes to sift through paper registrations and organize teams by hand—hours that could otherwise be spent improving your league. But the best term available to quantify the stress and effort involved: considerable.

Some leagues simply accept that basketball registration headaches come with the territory—to run a great league, there will be bumps along the way. Though some bumps can’t be avoided, registration is an area that can be improved so that you can look forward to the start of the season for reasons other than registration will finally be over. Here are some ways your league can make youth basketball registration easy this season:

Digital Registration

Paper youth basketball registrations should be a thing of the past. Besides being too much busy work for league administrators, they are inconvenient for parents who must fill out the form by hand, write a check, and then mail or drop off the registration. Moreover, a completed registration form here and there will occasionally be misplaced or incorrectly entered into an admin’s spreadsheet, thus creating more headaches for all parties as the situation is resolved. Digital registration via online league management software results in a streamlined process for league directors, parents, and coaches alike. Admins aren’t spending hours sifting through paper forms. Parents can register their kids whenever convenient—even on mobile devices. Coaches receive accurate rosters (more on this later). Registration is easier, which ultimately makes the league easier to manage.

Online Payments

Another bonus of digital basketball registration is the ability for parents to pay online with a credit card. Again, this is incredibly convenient for parents, who subsequently aren’t writing checks and wondering when they will clear. League directors and treasurers aren’t dealing with depositing all these checks (as well as any cash that is sent in)—online payments mean registration fees automatically drop into the league’s bank account, at your disposal for the start of the season when you will need to pay referees, buy equipment, rent courts, and so on.

Registration Reminders

Today’s parents are busy—forgetting to send a basketball registration until after the deadline (or not at all) happens. Furthermore, paper registration forms can be easily thrown into a pile of mail and not found until much later. Think about it: How many registrations do you receive the week before games start, from frantic parents who just realized it slipped their minds? Turning away players, even if it causes administrative chaos, is difficult. Online registration software can email and text reminders to parents who haven’t yet registered. These friendly reminders go a long way to ensuring kids are signed up on time.

Simplified Roster Formation

After you receive all the registrations (which, as mentioned, could be later than sooner), one of the next steps is to create rosters from those registrations. The task isn’t as easy as you might hope with paper registrations because parents will request their kids on certain teams, and coaches will request certain players. Manually sorting through all these requests can become overwhelming—a logic puzzle for which the wrong solution results in angry parents and miffed coaches. Online league management software incorporates these requests into the youth basketball registration process, then can solve the puzzle for you with a few simple clicks.


What headaches have you encountered with youth basketball registration?