Increasing Sports Registration Volume

2012-01-27T15:33:25-05:00Sports Management|

Do you find it difficult to increase your sports registration volume year after year?  If you said no, please contact us and share your success!  If you said yes, we’d like to offer you a few tips and tricks on how to promote and grow your sports organizations programs to get more registrants.

  • Offer online sports registration is definitely the number one way to keep your registrations consistent from year to year (yes, of course we said that!).  Why?  Previous registrants can easily access their account which has all information and with just the click of a button can register again for the new season.  No re-inputting of data, no standing in line and 24/7 access to register.  It really doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • Promote online registration is available on your organizations homepage.  This is kind of a “no-brainer,” but you wouldn’t believe how many sports organizations unintentionally hide the fact they offer online sports registration on their website. Here at SportsSignup, we offer a vibrant, action oriented button/link for you to post on your site so potential registrants can clearly see you offer online registration.  And, make sure it’s visible towards the top of the page so it’s easily accessible.   
  • Email your database with upcoming events and sessions.  You have a core registrant database, so use it!  Deploy a pre-season email campaign to communicate to your players, parents and volunteers about upcoming registration dates and deadlines. Encourage them to forward the email on to family and friends to spread the word about your sports organization.
  • Advertise in local papers and flyers to announce to your community about upcoming events.  Most papers have a “local events” section where you can easily announce “Registration for XYZ Soccer begins on Saturday and ends on June 11th.  You can register online at”  This is the most cost effective way to print advertise.  You also have the option of creating an ad, but ad creation and real estate is usually cost prohibitive for most non-profit sports organizations.
  • Cross promote with other local sports organizations.  If you manage the local baseball league, I’m guessing you have a counterpart who is managing the local soccer organization.  Hit ’em up!  I’m sure they’d jump at reciprocal advertising as well.
  • Solicit some help from churches, schools and day-care centers.  Contact them to let them know your organization is setting up for pre-season registration and provide them with colorful fliers to distribute and/or post.  We can guarantee the parents, students and teachers are always looking for extracurricular actiities to share…especially ones that require excercise!

We could go on and on with more tips and tricks, but these are the top that will produce the greatest return on your efforts.  We’ve seen sports organizations increase registrations over 50% by just deploying a pre-season email campaign to preivous registrants.  Beleive it or not, many people get so busy they just don’t remember and need just the simple reminder.  Plus this will cut down on those last minute (or late!) registrations.

Good luck!