Info: Merging Accounts & People

2012-03-31T14:36:33-04:00SportsSignup Updates|

Edit Payments

You can now edit or delete the payment information you recorded when you recorded a received check. There is a new page, the Edit Order page, which you get to by clicking the Edit Order link from a customer’s account page, next to their order.

Next to each payment made by CHECK is an Edit and Delete button, where you can now edit the payment amount or the reference number, or delete the payment. Note that you cannot edit payments made by credit card.

Merge Accounts

Multiple accounts might exist for the same family (or team), and they can now be merged into one account. Merging is a two step process – the MERGE simply puts everyone from the two accounts into one account. The second step is to merge the PEOPLE (or teams) in the account that are the same people.

To merge Accounts, on Find Account page, there is now a checkbox next to each result. When you click on two accounts, a MERGE SELECTED button appears. Click that to see the vitals of the two accounts side by side. If they are truely the same family (or team), merge them; otherwise cancel. Note that merging accounts is not reversable, so be careful!

Merge People

Related to merging accounts, you can now merge people (or teams) within an account. Click the Merge People button on the menu bar. The page has 3 columns: The first person, the second person, and the resulting information. In column 1, choose a person to merge. In the second column, choose the duplicate person. The third column shows what the merged person will look like, and when the 2 versions have a different value, a combobox lets you choose which resulting value you want.

As with Merge Accounts, you cannot undo a merged person, so be careful!

Delete People

People (and teams) can now be deleted from accounts if there are no active registrations for them. To delete a person, click Edit next to the person’s name on their account page, and at the bottom of the Edit Person page is a Delete button.

Contacts vs. AdminUsers

Just a note that there used to be a concept of Contacts for your organization, which were separate from AdminUsers. These concepts have been folded together, and now the roles of Primary Contact, Registrar, and Treasurer are specified using AdminUsers on the Manage Users page.