Introducing MySportsStore Product Kits from SportsSignup

2014-04-29T19:47:41-04:00Sports Management, SportsSignup Updates|

MySportsStore allows your organization to become an online 24/7 retailer of merchandise fulfilled through your available inventory, through your SportsSignup site.

We’ve recently made a big change to MySportsStore® by adding ability to create “Product Kits”. Our new Product Kits can be used to boost sales across your products, offer specials or discounts for buying multiple items together, and more. Think about a child’s uniform–it’s more than just a jersey, right? There are also certain colored shorts/pants, hats, socks, and other pieces that can’t be forgotten.

The Product Kit feature allows leagues to bundle individual products together – to be offered lifesavingkit resized 600at a specific price (you decide if it should come at a discount or not). For example, a custom uniform kit for a travel soccer team might include a jersey, shorts, socks, warm- up jacket, and pants. First, you would create the individual products and set prices for individual sale, like a usual online store. To create a kit you simply select the various products that make up the kit and set one price for everything. It can either be the total cost of all the individual components, or you can offer a discount to entice parents to buy the whole kit and not just the basic uniform. Because your organization is the retailer, you set your own prices for items sold in the online store. 

When a user selects the kit from the store catalog, they will be required to answer all pertinent size or other related questions for each product contained in the kit – so you will never end up with partial orders, which is especially important for uniforms.

Using the Product Fulfillment Report, you can provide any 3rd party vendor with real-time, secure access to what was ordered in your store, enabling fulfillment and/or delivery of orders without the hassles of order taking! Alternatively, you can manage and fulfill the orders on your own.

When a family or individual makes a purchase, their data is immediately reflected in a report for your authorized administrators.

See a sample store here: