League Management Software Can Help in These 5 Areas

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League Management Software Can Help in These 5 Areas

If you are considering adopting league management software for your organization, perhaps because your old website is obsolete or because you have no online or digital presence at all, you will be amazed at what today’s platforms offer. For administrators who are overwhelmed and spending too much time on busy work—rather than devoting more energy toward developing the league and ensuring success for players and coaches—the right solution can make an immediate impact. Here are five areas where league management software can help you and your organization:

1. Registration

Nothing can dampen enthusiasm for an upcoming season than hundreds of paper registrations arriving in your mailbox. The organization (and subsequent data entry into a spreadsheet or other program) of all these registration forms can take hours, with the threat that one will be lost, misread, or entered into your system incorrectly. Furthermore, paper registration complicates the roster formation process, particularly if coaches and parents are requesting players to be on certain teams. League management software eliminates paper from the equation—parents register online, thus giving you an instant, complete record of all the players in your league. The software also helps you form rosters and accounts for special requests.

2. Accounting

Along with those hundreds of paper registrations comes hundreds of personal checks (and even some cash). Besides the hassle of multiple trips to the bank to deposit those funds, an additional bookkeeping step is necessary to ensure that everyone has paid (and paid the correct amount) and that every check cleared. League management software allows for online payments—parents simply use their credit cards when registering. Besides the added convenience for parents (who, in today’s digital age, might not like checks, either), registration fees are automatically deposited into your league’s account, without any extra work from you.

3. Scheduling

You finally have received every registration (although, as you well know, there’s always latecomers), formed every roster, and accounted for every entry fee. Likely, your next step is to create a schedule, which is no easy feat if you are dealing with multiple divisions, age groups, skill levels, and venues. The scheduling capabilities of the best league management software remove much of the stress from the process, which results in a slate that is ready to for opening day, but compiled in a fraction of the time.

4. Statkeeping

Quality league management software allows for live scoring and statistics—a game’s progress can be charted and tracked in real time. Though this gives people not at the game a means to follow along, a bigger benefit is that the results are automatically entered into your league’s website. Standings and schedules update instantly; coaches and teams have access to statistics and league leaders. Even five years ago, this level of detail would have required much effort, including manual updates to various pages on your website. Today, with the right platform, it’s simply a matter of scoring the game on a tablet or computer and letting the software do the rest.

5. Community building

A league that is lacking a website is missing out on the opportunity to promote their organizations, keep parents and coaches properly informed, and, perhaps most importantly, build a community. The team webpages available via league management software give each squad a means to communicate, post pictures and videos, and view stats and schedules. The overall league website can include news, resources for coaches and parents, and message boards. The software helps strengthen the organization—hopefully into a league that families choose to be a part of year after year.

What area of your league do you think software can help the most?