Little League Baseball & Softball Exporter

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This new feature is used to submit softball and baseball sessions to as per their data load specification. Exported files from your SportsSignup account can be easily transmitted via the Data Center, located at The exporter recognizes relevant text in the Session and Division names to properly map to compliant division codes, see below for more details.

Steps to Export to

1. Request that the Baseball Exporter be turned on by SportsSignup for your account. To do this, send us an e-mail at There are no additional fees for this exporter.

2. Create sessions: It is required that baseball sessions have the word “Baseball” somewhere in the Session name, and your softball sessions have the word ‘Softball’ somewhere in the Session name. You can modify existing sessions as necessary to meet this requirement.

3. Create divisions: When creating divisions, be sure that the Division name includes the following words based on the Division type. You can modify existing divisions as necessary to meet this requirement:

  • “Tball” or “T-ball” in your Tball Division
  • “Minor” or “Minors” in your Minors Division
  • “Major” or “Majors” in your Majors Division
  • “Senior” in your Senior Division
  • “Big” in your Big League Division
  • “Junior” in your Junior Division
  • “Challenger” in your Challenger Division

4. Export the data: On the Admin Main page, under Registration Reports, click on Export Session to LLBaseball. From here, you select specific Session/Division(s) and click on Export. This will automatically create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for you to review and submit to

5. After review, save the file and submit to the Data Center as per their instructions.


  • Words in session names are not case sensitive.
  • Birthdays are properly exported in MMDDYY format, but note that when CSV data is loaded into Excel with leading zeros (010199, for example), it does not display the leading zero, so it will display as 1/1/199.  Although they don’t display in Excel, the zeros are still contained in the CSV file.

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