Make a Coordinator’s Job Easier with Online Registration Systems

2012-01-27T13:13:24-05:00Sports Management|

It takes a dedicated and patient soul to run a youth sports organization. They have to manage parents, coaches, sponsors, officials and hundreds (if not thousands) of young athletes all year round. Much of a coordinator’s time is spent organizing the registration process. They have to prepare different registration forms for every sport, process payments (and keep track of outstanding payments), organize dozens of teams, and build a game schedule and much more! It takes a super-human to get it all done in time!

Why not make this season a little easier for your youth sports coordinator and invest in an online registration system? The simple sports management software is the saving grace of any sports organization.

Here are 3 ways an online sports registration system can save your youth sports organization of lot of time and frustration:

No paperwork

Let’s say you manage your township’s baseball league. You have 4 divisions (6 and under, 8 and under, 10 and under, 12 and under) for both boys and girls. Each division has 9 teams. Each team has anywhere from 10-13 players. Suddenly you’re working with over 900 kids and that means over 900 registration forms. Online sports registration systems get rid of all that paperwork. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of staples or misplacing a registration form ever again!

Works with any youth sport

It doesn’t matter if you are responsible for coordinating a soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball or hockey organization—an online sports registration system can handle them all. The registration process is generally the same for all sports, but you can create custom registration forms to meet the needs of each sport.

Connect with coaches, volunteers and players quickly

Communication is key to running a youth sports organization. There’s always a need to get in touch with a large portion of your registrants at one given time. Are you still sending individual emails to parents and coaches? That’s a huge waste of time and you run the risk of missing or misspelling an email address. An online sports registration system allows coordinators to create custom email lists so they can contact any and everyone they need with one email. For instance, you can e-mail a specific age group about tryouts, or a specific team about a cancelled game, or people who haven’t paid yet and so forth. With a few clicks, contact the entire organization if need be!